12 Ingenious Built-In Grill Ideas for Small Spaces

If you are wanting to put up a barbecue station in your home backyard, but you are having trouble finding ideas for small spaces, look no further.

We have compiled twelve built-in grill ideas for small spaces, ranging from portable countertops to integrated outdoor bars.

1. Portable Grill Station

A portable BBQ grill for home backyard

A portable grill station is a great way to have built-in grilling capabilities in a small space. For example, you can create a permanent home for your portable grill by placing it on top of or beside a table or countertop. This option allows you to pull the grill out only when you need it, and store it away when you’re not cooking.

A portable grill station like this is also an ideal option for renters who are unable to make permanent changes to their outdoor space.

If you want to take your portable grill one step further and make it more permanent, consider building a structure around it that can house the grill and serve as a prep area.

2. Built-In Countertop Grill

Do It Yourself

If you have some handyman skills and access to tools (or generous friends with both), you can build your own custom grill station. You can find free plans online or create your own based on your outdoor needs and personal taste.

You can build your mini-grill station out of almost any sturdy material: concrete blocks, repurposed bricks, old wine barrels, or even recycled shipping pallets!

Build It into Your Kitchen Island

If you already have an island in your kitchen (or are planning to add one), why not incorporate a built-in grill? This is an especially great idea for apartment dwellers who have access to rooftop decks but are short on indoor storage space for a countertop electric grill.

3. Corner Grilling Area

built in Corner BBQ grilling area

Small yards often take advantage of corners and nooks to maximize space. A corner grilling area can be made out of stacked stone or brick and allow room for food preparation and serving as well as cooking. A grilling area allows you to cook outside without taking up too much space.

This type of grilling area can be placed inside a recessed spot in the corner or near the side of the house so it doesn’t protrude out into your walkways.


The first step is to decide on the location where you want to install the corner grilling area. This can be done either indoors or outdoors. In case you are planning to build an indoor corner grill, make sure that your kitchen has enough ventilation or else smoke will get accumulated indoors and create problems for you.

You need to also check if the walls where you want to install the grill are made of fire-resistant materials. Check if there are any gas lines running under the flooring in the case of an indoor corner grill area. Once you decide on the location, mark it with spray paint so that it becomes easier for you to complete this project successfully.

4. Built-In Grill Ideas with Sinks and Refrigerators

You might want to consider adding a sink and refrigerator to your built-in grill area. This will make it easy to keep food and drinks cold without having to go back into the house every five minutes.

You can purchase portable sinks and refrigerators separately, or look into a built-in unit that includes both functions.

5. Built-in BBQ Charcoal

If you love grilling, then you may be interested in the built-in BBQ charcoal grill. This type of grill is one that can withstand the heat that is associated with a barbecue. These grills are typically made of cast iron or stainless steel and are designed to keep the heat away from the food.

Gives Authentic Smoky Flavor

Charcoal-fueled grills are a popular choice for outdoor cooking and BBQ. Charcoal gives food that authentic smoky flavor and the intense heat cook food quickly. Charcoal can also be very dirty, messy, and time-consuming.

A charcoal grill is never going to be as simple or clean as a gas grill. On the other hand, many people prefer the taste of charcoal over gas. If you’re on the fence about propane vs charcoal check out this article.

We suggest building a free-standing grill if you are unsure about permanently installing a charcoal grill into concrete in your backyard. A free-standing grill is more portable compared to an installed built-in grill and can be moved at any time.

6. Built-In Grill Ideas with Outdoor Bars

A bar with grill area

A Built-in BBQ charcoal with outdoor bars is the ultimate cooking and entertaining center for the outdoor enthusiast, but before you buy one for your outdoor kitchen space, we recommend that you do a little homework on what to look for.

Below are some things to consider when looking for a Built-in BBQ charcoal with outdoor bars:


The size of your built-in BBQ charcoal-with outdoor bars grill will depend on how much space you have available, as well as how much grilling you plan to do.

If you regularly entertain large family gatherings or parties, then a larger grill may be necessary. Portable grills are also an option, but they don’t offer the same cooking space or storage area as built-in models.

Fuel Type

Gas and charcoal are the most common types of fuel used in built-in BBQ charcoal with outdoor bars. Electric in-built grills are also an option, though they are not as powerful as gas or charcoal.

Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. In terms of convenience, gas is better than charcoal because it heats up faster and is easier to clean up after use. It’s also possible to cook with less heat than what’s required by charcoal. Some people would prefer a charcoal built-in grill with an outdoor bar because of its authentic smoke flavor.

7. Built-In Grill Ideas with Shelving Units

BBQ grill with shelves thats built in

If your grill is mounted on a wall or fence, it’s easy to add shelves above the grill to hold seasonings and cooking tools. It’s even better if you can create a mini shelf below the main one so you can store plates or utensils without taking up valuable space on your countertops.

8. Add A Small Pergola

built in Grilling area with Pergola

A small built-in grill on your patio is a great way to save space while still enjoying the benefits of cooking outside. You can even squeeze in a table and chairs if you build it right in the corner of your patio.

You can even add a small pergola to your backyard space. A pergola is a great way to create shade in the middle of your space without taking up too much room. All you need is some wood and cement footings to build your own DIY pergola.

9. Add plants and Flowers

built in grill ideas with flowers and plants

If you want to spruce up your backyard for spring or summer, consider adding plants and flowers to the area surrounding your built-in grill. A few potted plants can easily transform your backyard into an oasis.

Plants and Flowers add an Attractive Look

When it comes to selecting plants for your outdoor area, the sky is the limit. You can choose from a wide range of annuals and perennials that are suitable for your climate. Add some flowering plants and some green foliage plants for an attractive look.

If you don’t have a lot of space, consider planting in containers or hanging baskets so that you can add plants without taking up too much space on the ground.

Don’t forget to include plants that are fragrant and colorful so that you can enjoy their beauty as well as their scent.

10. Include Lighting Fixtures

Built in BBQ area with lighting

Another way to add beauty to your outdoor space is with lighting fixtures. You don’t have to install overhead lights if you don’t want to simply use string lights or lanterns around the perimeter of your built-in cast iron fire pit with grill.

Are Useful for Illuminating the Area

If you’re using your grill more at night, you may want to consider adding lighting fixtures.

On this deck, lights are part of the grill structure, which allows for even illumination of the grilling area.

If you’re building a new deck, it’s easy to include fixtures as part of the design. For an existing deck, you can install outdoor lighting that can be wired by your electrician or plugged into an outlet.

11. Create A Corner Seating Area

If you’re short on space in your backyard, consider creating a corner seating area near your built-in grill. This way, you can create more seating without taking up too much room. You can add small benches or bar stools near the grill so you can chat with guests while cooking dinner.

Provides A Spot Where Adults Can Sit and Talk or Relax

When you put such a seating area in your yard, you will find that it allows you to fit so much into your space. You will have a spot where adults can sit and talk or relax while watching the kids play.

You might even be able to fit in some additional storage underneath the bench for things like lawn games or other outdoor toys for the kids. There are so many different things that this seating area can be used for, and it won’t take up too much of your precious outdoor space.

Another benefit of having this kind of seating area is that it allows you to use an otherwise wasted corner of your yard. A corner seat is also great because it gives people who want to sit outside somewhere comfortable and private to go.

12. Hooded Built-In Grill

This is one of the great small built-in BBQ ideas that you will find useful. A hooded built-in grill provides protection against the elements while allowing smoke and steam to escape smoothly through the hood vents.

The hood can be customized with any number of options such as lights and storage space above the grill itself. A stainless steel hood also provides a sleek look that will add flair to any backyard space.

Here are some tips for finding built-in grills that fit perfectly in your small outdoor area:

Pick the Right Size Grill

Consider the size of your area, as well as how often you’ll use the grill and how many people you’ll typically cook for. This will help you determine what size grill will work best in your outdoor kitchen.

Built-in grills come in many different sizes — from just 24 inches wide to up to 60 inches or more. It’s important to measure your outdoor kitchen area before you shop, so you can choose a grill that fits well into your space.

Once you’ve decided on the size of your grill, think about what other components you want in a built-in grill: sink? refrigerator? side burners? Will you have enough room for everything? How will they all fit together?

Number of People

If it’s just your family, a small grill may be all you need. But if you plan on entertaining friends and family on a regular basis, opt for a larger model that will allow you to cook multiple items at once.

Consider Your Cooking Needs

When selecting a built-in grill, be sure to think about how much food you’re likely to cook at once. If you’re shopping for an outdoor kitchen, a larger family might need a bigger grill than someone who lives alone or with another person.

The more people you cook for, the larger your grill will need to be.


Can You Make a Regular Grill a Built-In?

Yes, you can turn a regular grill into a built-in. I did it with my Weber Genesis II. First, measure the space where you want the grill to sit. Then, measure the grill’s dimensions and make sure they will fit in the space you have selected.

You’ll need to make a cutout in the decking or cabinetwork to accommodate the grill. For a gas grill, you’ll have to run a gas line from the gas source to the grill, and on a charcoal grill, you’ll need some sort of venting system.

How Much Space Do You Need for A Built-In Grill?

You’ve decided to add a built-in grill to your outdoor kitchen to eat tasty and healthy food?. But how much space do you need for one?

The answer to that question depends on the size of the built-in grill, which can be anywhere from 24” to 36” wide, according to BBQGuys’ CEO Michael Lyons.

The key is to make sure that you have enough space for all the components. “You don’t want to crowd the work area,” he explains. “You need about 2 feet of prep space on either side of your grill for food preparation.”


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