Different Types of Fire Pits available on the Market right now

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Sitting by a fire pit every night is like sitting in a hot tub while it is snowing outside. It will keep you warm when the weather gets chilly. They are available in a range of styles and are ideal in any space you may have.

In this article, I will discuss different types of fire pits to choose from. They include gas, wood, natural gas, and brick options.

If you’ve been thinking of adding a fire pit to your patio, deck, or any other outdoor area, it is important to know all the types of fire pits available on the market right now.

1. Propane Fire Pits

Add ambience and comfort to your backyard or patio with a propane fire pit. They give you an attractive, premium quality flame; no smoke, ash, and sparks making them the best choice.

Whether for you, your friends and family; these types of fire pits will create a unique appeal to your home’s patio or garden. Other advantages of propane fire pits include;

  • They are easy and quick to light
  • Most of them are free-standing and lightweight hence can be moved easily

Here are propane fire pits you can consider for your home or even camping.

Propane Fire Pits Reviews

Outland Firebowl Mega Outdoor 883 Propane Gas Fire Pit

types of fire pits
Outland gas firepit

The Outland Firebowl outdoor firepit is one of my favorite models on the market today. It utilizes propane gas to offer you a pure and smoke-free flame.

Being lightweight, no assembly required and comes with a carrying bag; it is a perfect choice for RV travels, beach parties, camping and family evenings at a backyard. No ash, smoke, sparks or even using costly firewood.

  • Comes as a complete kit with pre-attached 10 ft. hose, adjustable regulator, 6.6 LB natural lava rocks, cover and carrying bag
  • It’s safe to use during camping.
  • It comes with a weatherproof cover.
  • It also has a protective enamel coating making it durable.
  • The steel construction makes it sturdy.
  • None that I know of

Heininger Portable Propane 5995 58,000 BTU Outdoor Fire Pit

types of firepits

If you’re searching for the perfect camping, tailgating, or outdoor portable fire pit, then the Heininger Propane Fire Pit is the best option. The fire pit burns pure and is smoke-free to ensure you and your surroundings are clean.

Most importantly, it’s lightweight and, therefore, you can move with it from one place to the other. It comes as a complete set with propane tank hose, decorative rocks and fire pit.

  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • It is affordable
  • It is perfect for camping, tailgating and backyards
  • It burns clean and smokeless
  • Its decorative lava rocks make it visually pleasing
  • It is able to produce 58,000 BTUs
  • You can keep it in your vehicle as it doesn’t take much space.
  • It’s durable.
  • None that I know of

Here are other types of propane fire pits;

Movable Propane Fire Pits

This fire pit will not only give warmth and ambiance, but it’s also designed to be portable. Several designs have wheels; others are light making them easy to carry.

Copper Bowl Fire Pit

One of the best options for an outside fireplace is a propane gas copper model. Because copper’s melting point is high, it’s durable and lasts long. When it comes to fire pits, this is a costly option.

Fire Pit Table

Most propane gas fire pits have a table-like look with a rim encircling the flames. This big ledge offers a safe area for kids to keep them from getting too near the flames. It also comes in handy for putting your plate of food or drinks when sitting around the fire pit.

2. Wood Burning Firepit

If you are looking for a fire pit that will revoke the same ambience and atmosphere as that of a campfire, choose this one. They are easy to buy online and come in tons of styles.

It uses dry wood to fuel. You can use light or dense wood such as oak and maple. Other advantages of these types of firepits include;

  • Wood is affordable
  • There are many options available
  • Many comes in attractive designs which will improve your backyard decor

There are various wood-burning fire pits types you should be aware of and they are;

Wood Burning firepit with Grill


This type of fire pit lets grill up some food with family or friends. They’re equipped with a grill to cook your favorite food.

Portable wood burning firepit

For camping or tailgating, buy a portable wood burning fire pit. They are usually made of lightweight material so you can carry them from one place to the other.

3. Stone or Brick Fire Pit

This is a somewhat simple Do-It-Yourself project, and generally inexpensive too. Stone or brick fireplaces are constructed using stones, bricks, or cinder blocks.

4. Natural Gas Fire Pits

If you prefer installing a natural gas line on your backyard, then choose a natural gas firepit. They are the best alternative to traditional wood-burning pits.

Natural gas burns without smoke or smell. They are similar to propane fire pits, their main difference is a permanent connection to a natural gas line hence they don’t run out of gas.

Their disadvantage is portability since they cannot be moved. They are however affordable and easy to maintain. Other advantage of these types of fire pits are;

  • Lighting the fire is quick hence you can use it often
  • They can be used where wood burning fire pits cannot such as decks


There’s no doubt that a fire pit provides year-round enjoyment, and a social hot spot. They make your home attractive to buyers, are crowd pleasers and can be used to cook.

They do not have to be wood burning; they can use natural gas or propane. For a final touch to a great backyard, add a firepit. It also brings warmth to a cool night making it a favorite spot to gather and chat.

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