Things new homeowners need to buy- According to Real Estate Agents

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Here is everything you could possibly need for your home. I interviewed various home experts and designers on must-haves for new homeowners when preparing this house checklist.

To write this guide, I also spent 14 hours testing and researching, cross referenced verified customer reviews to find you the best household appliances.

Depending on your budget, the type of home or house you are moving to, here are the things to buy for your home living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, home garage, backyard, garden, etc.

List of Kitchen Appliances for new House

When you are moving to a new place, you will definitely need kitchen appliances and other essentials which I will list in this section. Also, if you are in need of renewing kitchen your appliances, this list will be helpful.

  1. Refrigerator-it is the most essential equipment that you will need for your kitchen. You will use it to store cooked and uncooked food so as to keep it fresh.
  2. A Food Processor; this is an extremely important appliance that will help you to prepare all sorts of foods. A good example is this KitchenAid 13-cup exact slice food processor with a dicing kit.

Kitchenaid 13-cup exact slice food processor with dicing kit

List of household items needed for new home

Main Features

  • It is designed with an exact slice system or externally adjustable slicing to deliver precise slicing
  • Its brand is KitchenAid-a renowned brand in the food preparation industry
  • Has an ultra-wide mouth feed tube to feed whole foods into the food processor
  • It also comes with 4 cup work bowl for preparing small batches of food
  • It comes with 13 cups to prepare both small and large batches of food.
  • You will get a dough blade, mini multipurpose blade, spatula, reversible shredding disc, multipurpose blade, and externally adjustable slicing disc
  • Has a pulse button with different pulse speeds
  • This Kitchenaid 13-cup exact slice food processor with dicing kit is designed with a locking system to prevent you from making a mess when processing your food
  • It has been tested and inspected by professionals

3. Oven; use it to cook, bake, roast, toast, and grill your food.

4. Toaster: You will need this to warm your bread slices and make them crunchy

5. Microwave: it is a very crucial kitchen appliance for reheating and cooking food

6. Coffee Maker: if you love coffee, you will find this appliance helpful. Buy one to brew your coffee.

7. Blender: This is  1 thing new homeowners need to buy to make smoothies, shakes, juice, gelato, and even ice creams

8. Juicer: use a juicer to extract juice from vegetables, fruits, herbs, just to name a few.

9. Food preparation tools; your kitchen is going to need a lot of things such as food preparation tools. They include measuring cups, spoons, chopping board set, pestle, and mortar, grater, cheese grater, meat grinder, sieve, mixing bowls.

10. Cooking ware; These are vessels which are used for cooking such as frying pan, pots, cake tins, wok, saucepan, baking sheet, grilling pan, casserole dish, etc

11. Eating Utensils; the eating essentials that you will need for your home kitchen include plates, spoons, knives, bowls, mugs, wine glasses, food trays, etc.

12. Vacuum Sealer; you will need this to preserve your food. It sucks air from the food hence bacteria and mold cannot grow. Here is a good one;

Buy Vacuum Sealer in Wholesale

VacMaster VP112 for sale- Must-haves for new homeowners

List of kitchen appliances for new house

Main Features

  • Comes with a control panel that is easy to control
  • It will make your food last longer
  • Has a heavy-duty chamber where most work is done
  • It can vacuum seal wet foods since it has the capability
  • It is countertop friendly
  • Comes with sealing bags
  • It will marinate meat
  • A visible lid so you can see all the action

Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer does not only vacuum seal food but you can also use it for tenderizing and marinating your meat. You can use it for fish, beef, chicken and even vegetables.

Marinate food

I use it in my home kitchen since it is quick unlike a traditional way of marinating food that takes hours just to get flavor in food. A point to note is that this vacuum sealer also vacuums seals wet foods.

Vacuum seal wet foods

Many vacuum sealers are not able to do this. Use it when storing your stews, soap and other wet foods. Air will be removed thus preserving your food longer. It is perfect choice for people who like to store food in bulk for freezing.

It will keep your food fresh for a long time plus protect it from the mold. If you are a hunter, farmer, or like fishing, you will find this kitchen machine very helpful since you can store your game, fish, and vegetables for a long time.

List of household items needed for new Home-Living Room

The living room is used in many ways hence it is crucial to buy the right furniture, décor, lighting, curtains and other products. This is where you will enjoy movie nights, hangout almost every day, use it for formal occasions, use it to read, use it to engage your visitors, or even help your kids with their homework.

Also called a sitting room, a parlor, a lounge or a parlor, it is usually located at the entrance of a home or house where you will receive your visitors hence should contain comfortable sofa, be stylish and functional and entertaining.

1.     Comfortable Sofa for your Sitting Room

What is the most comfortable living room furniture? I bet you have seen this query on social media. A couch is where you spend most of your time while in the house hence should be comfy.

It is the most used piece of furniture. You will need to sit on it while watching TV, hosting your friends, reading a book and even taking a nap.  Therefore, put ample time to buy the best one for your needs. Check this one out if interested in one;

 FCNEHLM Left-Hand Facing, L-Shaped Couch

Things new homeowners need to buy

If you are looking for an L-shaped couch for your living room, choose this one. Its comfy, made of soft, high-quality material that will last for a long time and has a great design. Here are its main features;

  • It is suitable for all places of your home; you can place this couch in your living room, porch, and even your bedroom. Its capacity is 5 people.
  • It is extremely comfortable; it has fluffy upholstery, has soft sinking feeling, and memory foam to give a comfortable experience. It is perfect for curling up, accommodating your guests, and watching Netflix.
  • FCNEHLM L-Shaped Couch is made of velvet material; this is a high-quality material that is made to last. Its frame is also made of durable material-stainless steel. Its slender and modern design is perfect for any room in your home.

2.     A living Room Table

Every living room must have a wooden or a glass coffee table. There are those people that prefer the open space of an empty room-that’s okay. The benefits of having a table are endless.

I prefer round ones because they are not just aesthetically pleasing but they reduce the chance of hurting myself. A living room table will provide space to place your food, drinks, magazines, cell phone and even candles.

There are storage coffee tables that contain drawers and shelves for storing things.  Buy one and use it to store your board games, books and magazines.

3.     A Smart TV for your living room

The living room is where you will spend most of your time hence need to have an adequate size smart TV.  These types of TVs come with built in WiFi and an Ethernet port for streaming purposes.

Choose one that has popular apps such as Youtube and Netflix so you can access your favorite shows, movies, sports anytime you want. Make sure also it has an easy to use interface so it can be operated even by your 10 year old child.

4.    The Living Room Décor- New home checklist

New home must haves

Your living or sitting room is one of the most important rooms hence should be attractive and welcoming. Make it the best with these decoration ideas. Living décor such as paintings, plants, a tabletop water fountain, are some of the things new homeowners need to buy.

Empty walls are boring. Fill those places with art. It does not need to be expensive. Find art, pictures, or paintings that will make your family or guests relaxed, inspired, and even playful.

The pictures and paintings add visual interest to the home plus bring out your personality and taste.

5.    Lighting

Things to buy after buying a house

The right lighting of your living room will lift your spirits and even make you relaxed. The lighting ideas that I have given here will not only brighten your rooms but will save energy, and give your home a new look.

If your living room walls are covered in cooler tones, choose light bulbs that will cast warm glow. You also need more than one source of light in your living room. Have windows that can let enough sunlight then mix with overhead, task or accent light.

A Stunning Chandelier

You can have a chandelier in your living room. It makes a great focal point. It goes without saying that you will need a lot of light for a big room such as living room. Reduce bulb wattage for small rooms.

 Include too a dimmer in your living. It will come in handy when you want to watch your local show or movies plus will help you save on your electricity bill.  Infact, a TV room does not need overhead light but instead task lighting such as lamps.

A table Lamp for reading

If you wish to read in your living room, you can use a table lamp. Another important lighting tip; change energy consuming bulbs with less energy consuming bulbs. This will save on your electricity bills.

6.     Robot Mop

You will need a robot mop or vacuum cleaner for cleaning your unique home. Make sure you have one of these cleaning machines in your new home checklist or things to buy for a new house checklist.

With this household machine, no need for a mop and a bucket or even breaking your back cleaning all the floors of your home.

A robot mob cleans all hard floor types. You can use it to clean your living room, bedrooms, kitchen area, balcony and even your toilets.  It can remove grime, dust, and stains.

With its advanced technology, you can set schedules, check water and fluid level, and even speak to it. It has anti-collision technology hence wont damage your furniture. It has various settings for sweeping, dry mopping and even wet mopping.

You might think that this machine is expensive but it is not.

7.    Home Floor Buffer-One of the things new Homeowners need to Buy

Things to buy after buying a house

You will need a home floor buffer if you have a wooden or tiled floor. This cleaning device can also polish your linoleum surfaces in other rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. It makes use of its scrubbing pads and brushes to bring a floor to a sparkling shine.

I recommend it to any homeowner who is serious about his or her cleaning since it has a powerful motor to clean your home properly, removing stains, grease and dust from hard floor.

There are also cordless variations and you can use it in a hospital, school and office. Cordless floor buffer is ideal for smaller homes and apartments while a commercial floor buffer with a powerful motor is ideal for big homes.

8.     Attractive Curtains

Curtains and drapes make a home look finished. They come in different colors, and are essential in any home because they provide privacy. Check what suits the style of your living room and buy the same.

Do not forget too to check the size of your windows and buy curtain and drapes that fit them.

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