Best Jointer Plane According to Woodworkers

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If you are serious about woodworking, you need the best jointer plane. It will do a great job of flattening plus smoothening any wood surface. Usually, jointer planes are 20 to 24 inches long. They come in a wide range of styles, features, and colors to suit any home woodshop.

The cutting angle of the planes can be adjusted to increase their performance in more difficult-grained woods. Click here if you would like to read about electric jointers here.

Best Jointer Plane Reviews

1. Grizzly Industrial H7566-14″ Smoothing Plane

jointer plane for home use

Main Features

-Weighs 5.5 lbs.

-It’s a jointer plane by Grizzly Industrial

-Removes excess material, and shapes wood without producing a lot of dust and creating a lot of noice

-The Knob or main handle for gripping the plane is made of wood

-The blades and bottom face of the plane are made of metal

If you do not feel like reading the entire review, you can check its price here on Amazon.


This is a versatile woodworking tool. It can be used in your workshop or home.

It has an ideal sole for smoothening wood surfaces. Use it also for jointing edges. It has been designed with a carpenter or woodworker in mind to meet their requirements.

It is also used for other woodworking tasks such as shaping, flattening, just to name a few.

It features a beautiful and modern design.


Though there are a lot of planes on the market now, a lot of them are costly. This is not the case with the Grizzly Industrial plane.


Its knob and main handle for gripping are made of rosewood making it easy to use. The rest of the body is made of metal. The cast iron body makes it durable hence can serve you for a long time before breaking down.

Also, it comes with razor-sharp blades that will smoothen, straighten and shape any piece of wood much faster than any other tool.

It has a modern and beautiful design that can complement any décor of your business or home.

The rosewood handle is a safety feature that will ensure you are comfortable when operating it.


It weighs5.5 lbs. This is a perfect weight to drive the tool on any wood surface. It also makes it portable hence can be moved from one place to the other.

2. Grizzly Industrial H7568-22″ Smoothing Plane with Serrated Sole

Main Features

-Handles and knobs are made of rosewood

-It weighs 855 lbs.

-It comes with full plane iron adjustments

-It comes with chip breakers

-Frog and lever caps are made of metal

-It is a woodworking tool by Grizzly Industrial

-It features knurled brass adjusting nuts

-It is affordable

-Features rosewood handles cast iron bases

Product Description


This is one of the best jointer planes which you can get at a low price range. The problem with many jointer planes is that they are big and pricy.

For a reasonable price, you will get a tool that can level bumps and hollows to leave a true edge prior to jointing.


When buying any tool for your carpentry shop, make sure you recognize the brand. Grizzly Industrial is a renowned brand known for selling wood, metalworking tools, and machinery.

They sell jointer planes, dust collectors, wood band saws, metal lathes, shapers, and many more.


For truing, the longest edges and surfaces, buy this woodworking tool. It will also perfectly smoothen, straighten and shape any wood surface. Its long sole is perfect for jointing longboards or flattening a benchtop.


It features excellent features. It comes with full plane iron adjustments and chip breakers. Its handles and knobs are made of rosewood. It features cast iron bases, knurled brass adjusting nuts, and full plane iron adjustments.

Iron is used for strength and impact resistance. It is durable hence will serve you for a long time before breaking down.

It is a good quality plane suitable for home and workshop. Its beautiful design can complement any décor. It has an adjustable frog; blades can be adjusted to slice through knots and difficult grain.

The tool dimension is 6 inches by 22.4 inches by 3.5 inches

3. Taytools 469584 Jointer Bench Hand Plane #7

jointer plane for home workshop
Best jointer plane for a home workshop

Main Features

It is a woodworking tool by Taytools

-Length is 22 inches, 2-7/8 inches wide

-Tote and knob are of Sapele that has been hand-rubbed and oiled

-It weighs 8.3 pounds

-Its body and frog is made of ductile cast iron


Flatten larger boards with Taytools jointer plane. It can straighten a warped or twisted wooden surface, shave the edge of a sticking door or chamfer the corner of aboard.

It can tackle any woodwork by adjusting its throat opening. This is a no.7 or 22-inch jointer plane with a long sole or surface ideal for truing longboards prior to joining.

Taytools 469584 Jointer Bench Hand Plane is my most used woodworking tool. You may ask why it’s my favorite. The answer is simple. It helps me achieve an accurate and smooth finish.


Body and frog are made from indestructible cast iron. The iron is tempered and to 55-60 Rockwell C., This will handle the various type of woods. The blades are sharp and strong to trim out even softwood and hardwood easily.

The adjusting wheels and cap iron screws are made from polished brass.

The tote or main handle and knob are made of hand-rubbed and grade oiled Sapele. It features a comfortable shaped rear handle and knob.

It is perfect for a beginner as well as anexperienced woodworker. Do not forget that the woodworking tool is fully adjustable.


It is a high-quality product that comes with a beautiful price tag. This jointer bench plane will come perfectly sharp, flat, and well-tuned out of the box.


It weighs 8.3 pounds. It is lightweight hence you won’t be tired by using it the whole day.

4. Stanley 7 Jointer Plane 2.3/8in 1-12-007

Main features

-It is fully adjustable

-It’s a product of Stanly tools

-It is perfect for truing longboards due to their length

-It features a Chrome carbon steel cutter

-It features a cast fine grey iron base

Product Description


Over the years, Stanly tools have distinguished themselves as a maker of woodworking tools. The company was founded by Fredrick Stanly in 1843.


It has a 22 inches long sole for the truing of longboards. It is made of cast fine grey iron for wear resistance and stability.

Their truth worth is being recognized making them popular. In addition, their features make them so desirable. This tool features a cutter seating to reduce chatter. It is designed with a fully adjustable frog suitable for all timber shapes and types.

The cutter is made of chrome carbon steel that has been tampered and hardened to hurl down the thickness of any wood in no time.

Its Cutter width: 60 mm (2.3/8in). The blades are sharp hence can make very thin shavings.

It is also durable and stable. This is made possible by its precision cast fine grey iron base.


It is one of the affordable woodworking tools. It is ideal for budget-conscious beginners plus experienced carpenters.


Beyond the flattening role of this plane, it can handle other work as well. It can be used to shape any type of wood plus truing the edges of boards, especially before gluing them.

5. WoodRiver #7 Jointer Plane

Main Features

-It is a woodworking tool by woodriver

-Soles and sides are machined flat

-It measures 2-7/8″ W x 22″ L with 2-3/8″ W blade

-they are designed with fully machined frogs

-It’s a 7 jointer bench plane due to its 22 inches length

-Features lightly finished Bubinga handles

Tool Description


It is used for truing edges prior to glue up. Moreover, it can be used to straighten, shape and smoothen just about every piece of wood in a workshop or home.

At 22 inches, a jointer plane is the best for doing all that work plus trimming the edges of doors or longboards.


This tool features high carbon steel blades and fully machined frogs. The body is machined with ground sides and sole. The bottom face of the plane or sole is flat

This ensures the body is flat.


The main handle has been designed to offer comfort when working with the tool. A bearing has been added to control better the blade. The overall finish is excellent.

The frog requires no adjustment.

Factors to consider before buying a Truing Plane

Depending on where you come from, a jointer plane is also referred to as a truing plane, a try plane or a long plane.

In addition, some of these woodworking tools are identified by numbers 1 through 8 which stands for a particular length of a jointer plane.

Here is what to look for when buying a jointer plane. Here is a comprehensive handheld jointer review.


Taking too big a bite with this tool will jam it or tear out the grain. Choose a jointer that can be adjusted.

Many of these tools come with a mouth adjustment knob to change the width of the mouth opening.

If there is no mouth adjustment knob, you can loosen the frog screws. Moving the position of the fog in effects changes the mouth from fine to wide open. This, in turn, will affect the thickness of the shavings.

Cutting adjustments results in improved performance in more difficult grained woods.

Sharp Blades

When buying a truing plane, make sure it comes with sharp blades. Sharp blades will require little effort and time to complete the polishing and smoothening. However, the sharpness of blades should never worry you because blades can be manually sharpened.

They can be sharpened to a point where it is possible to get thin shavings.


Jointer planescome in a bewildering variety of sizes. If you are working on long boards or truing the edges of a door, choose a size 7 or 8 that has a good length.

Know how it works

Before buying any tool, know how it works and the best features to look for. Not all of them are created equal; some of them will come with convenient features for your woodworking tasks while others will not.

Know how to sharpen blades, adjust the mouth of the tool, just to name a few. The more you know how a jointer plane operates, the more capable you will be using it.


Jointer planes are made of different materials. They include steel, iron or wood or a combination of wood and metal. Steel provides the toughness needed by a tool to work on different types of woods.

Both steel and iron are durable hence your woodworking tool will serve you for a long time before breaking down. Handles are mostly made of wood which ensures comfort when handling the tool. It also provides an elegant look on the tool.

Stay sharp and pick the tool that is made of the right material to handle work at your shop or home.


It is advisable to stick to your budget; in other words, buy what you can afford. However, cheap is not always the best since it may become very expensive later. Jointer planes’ prices vary. You can get 1 with a beautiful price tag; $50 dollars and below.

Depending on the brand and quality, jointer planes can be expensive. Some cost from $100 to $350.

Frequently asked Questions about a try plane

How to use a jointer plane?

This type of plane is operated manually. The operator of the tool has to apply pressure on it in order to flatten or smoothen wooden work. Passing the tool across the wood removes shaving ultimately smoothening it.

All kinds of planes are used to reduce the thickness of a rough piece.

What is the use of a jointer plane?

A jointer plane is best suited to straighten and square an edge. Also, it can be used to smoothen and shape a bowed, warped and twisted board.

Where can you buy a truing plane?

There are many places to buy a truing plane. Check a tool store near you. Probably they equip these types of woodworking tools.

Alternatively, you can order one from a reliable online store. When buying any woodworking tool, make sure it is from a reputable manufacturer so as to be able to handle your woodworking task.

How can you protect yourself from injuries when using your tool?

Jointer plane accidents are caused by the hands or fingers of the user coming in contact with the blades of the tool. When operating this tool, never place your hands under its surface or near its mouth.

Your hands should always be kept as high as possible. Only use the handles to operate this tool.

Are there other types of planes?

There are different types of hand planes and most of them do the same tasks of straightening, shaping and smoothening every piece of wood. They jointer planes, jack planes, smooth planes, etc.

A jointer or try plane is best suited for squaring and straightening the edges of doors and longboards.

Jack planes are versatile tools that can be used to smoothen and square long boards. They are also able to remove twist or warp.

A smoothening board is designed to smoothen the face of a board. It is the tool responsible for giving a silky texture on a wood.

Wrapping up

So, which is your preferred tool for your woodworking tasks? Have you heard and/or tried any of the above tools reviewed here?

The ball’s in your court, so make sure to go through the reviews of each tool before choosing the one suited for your needs. I have reviewed the best jointers on the market right now. They are also from reputable manufacturers.

I would recommend that you buy a tool made of high-quality materials so as to work on all types of wood. If it is possible, know how a truing plane works so as buy one that is suited for your needs.

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