How to Make a Small Home Beautiful- Home Decorating Ideas

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We all love the place we live to be appealing to the eye. We don’t have to overdo it but some changes would surely make our homes beautiful and presentable.

You might think decorating a small space is a big challenge but you can still flaunt your style in a small home just like in a huge home.  Although the focus might be a little different when working with a small room, the rules of decorating are much pretty the same.

These home decorating ideas will transform a small home into a stylish oasis for your guests and your family members.

Art adds visual interest to a home

home decorating ideas

A home does not seem complete until it has some eye catchy art hanging on its walls.  Hang art in every room in the house.  Art always adds visual interest to a home. It will also complement the décor of the rooms plus bring out your personality and taste.

Here are many art ideas that you will adore.

Hang a large art

You can hang oversized cored paintings in every room.  They are perfect for small and big rooms as they will command attention.

A gallery wall

Nothing adds style and color like a collection of art on a wall.  Display photographs or paintings to spice up your home. You can choose small ones and extend them to the ceiling to create an illusion of a larger room.

Art painted on a wall

Transform your home into a resort with a wall mural. You can buy a wall covering or hand paint it on your walls. Walls murals are eye catchy and will surely uplift the look of your home.

When buying a wall mural for your house, select a design that you will like and will match your rooms.

Wall Paper

There are many benefits of using a wallpaper over painting your wall. Wall papers add design, color and character. They are also affordable unlike paintings which can be expensive.

In fact, wall papers are one of the inexpensive ways to spruce up your home. Wall papers comes in many designs and colors so you have a lot of options to choose from.


Lighting can open up a small room. A combination of both natural sunshine from the windows and from electricity brings in additional warmth.  String lights and pendant lighting serve as an ideal option where you don’t have room for table and floor lamps.

Use of mirrors

Mirrors are known by their ability to reflect non-natural and natural lights. They also add the feeling of additional area. They therefore gives a false impression of more space and light. A person may arrange a variety of small mirrors on the walls or a larger one.

Do not be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space. They will help make a small room feel bigger. Classic and pretty mirrors will add décor to your home.

Clean indoor air with plants and flowers

Flowers and greenery add style to a home and one can also breathe life in a small space. However one should not overdo it. The green plants need great care and maintenance because dying and dead plants will bring the opposite effect.

Matching the Colors Right

This is one of the cheap decorating ideas for your home. Color is a fantastic tool that can brighten and at the same beautify a place.

When picked right, it will give your house an identity, improve mood and even complement your décor. Your walls, floor furniture, ceiling should have beautifully matching color combinations.

In short, choose the right complimentary colors. You can have a colored pattern with white background.

Before picking any colors, you should know the effects they have on you.

Some colors such as red and orange may trigger violent or romance in you.

Blue Color

Blue color might help you feel to relax and it’s a good color for living room and reception.

Green color

This is a perfect color for inner peace and nature. It is good for balconies or places where you grow your veggies or have container gardening.

Grey color

Grey color do not evoke any emotion and can be used in most places such as garage, corridor or anywhere that you want to place your colorful furniture. Since it’s a neutral


This is a color that is perfect for a girl’s bedroom. Can also go well in living room if you planning to keep pink flowers there.


In the bedroom, create a nice canopy using curtains. Make sure the curtain rods are unique and have some creative ties to make the curtain look more attractive. Plain curtains aren’t as appealing as ones with few touches of color. Some of the colors should match the tiles, ceiling or furniture to the home.

Dinning should have some accent chairs and coffee table. Candles should be placed for lighting, scenting plus decorating the house. Have a various selection of scent candles assigned to different places of the house.

Have a great selection of tiles to beautify the floors. The bathroom should have different tiles from the rest of the house.

Choosing the right bulb is very important. LEDs are energy efficient and look great. I find lamp shades very decorative especially when engraved in a piece of art. They should have different design, texture and color.

Get rid of stuff

A small home may force you to get rid of unwanted stuffs. This creates room for decorations when you don’t have unnecessary stuffs.

Make sure you do not have loose cable. Loose cables should be hidden or put in their own covers. Loose cables make the house look unattractive.

Get creative with storage

Some great storage options may serve as pieces of décor. You may choose furniture that provides additional storage solutions, like ottomans can also serve as storage for linen and storage under the bed can be a cool cabinetry.

Be organized

What is the use of beautifying your small home if it is not organized?  A small home will look cluttered and chaotic when with scattered things.

You may not desire to spend your time in such an environment. First arrange or organize your space properly before thinking of decorating it.

Accessories that are not in use should be put in a hidden utility storage. Same case applies to things that you are not using.

Shoe racks should be placed in a planned place. Door mats should have a dull color and well placed in frequently visited places.

Mirrors, lampshade and some arts are essential in the bathrooms. Every bathroom needs to have an air freshener, spare tap to wash hands and sanitize. The towels should be in dark colors. 

Every home deserves to be beautiful, well kept, air-conditioned and with a great smell.

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