Biogas Installation Cost In Kenya: The Best Path to Gas Independence

biogas price in kenya

Imagine having a way to produce your own gas energy at home, using organic waste such as cow dung, poultry poop, kitchen scraps, or even plant leftovers. That’s what biogas can do. It turns trash into power. No more buying market gas which prices increase now and then. But to get started with biogas, you … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about a Biodigester in the USA

a biodigester septic tank kenya

If you live in the USA and are considering building a new home but don’t have access to a waste management system, I have some exciting news for you. You can build a biodigester septic tank to manage wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. These systems are eco-friendly and efficient, making them the perfect … Read more

No More Exhauster Services When You Install a Bio digester in the USA

a biodigester septic tank

Are you in the USA and tired of dealing with frequent septic tank overflows and the exhauster services that come with them? Fortunately, there is now a better and more cost-effective solution: installing a biodigester septic tank. A bio digester septic tank utilizes bacteria to break down kitchen and human waste, eliminating the need for … Read more

What is a Biodigester Septic Tank?

a biodigester septic tank kenya

A biodigester is simply a tank that provides a means for the anaerobic digestion of organic material. Organic wastes such as human excreta (solid waste) and animal dung (liquid waste) or other organic wastes can be converted to pathogen-free sludge that can be used as manure. It is a watertight chamber It is a watertight … Read more

Biodigester Prices in Nairobi, Kenya- Providing Affordable Prices

Biodigester Prices in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you trying to find Biodigester Prices in Nairobi, Kenya? A biodigester price starts from Ksh. 80,000 for small ones. This will depend on their sizes, users, and specifications. Our prices are affordable compared to most biodigester construction companies in Kenya that charge 100,000 and upwards for a small unit. For more information about … Read more

Biodigester Installation in Kenya-Everything you need to know about Bio digesters

If you are tired of regularly pumping out your septic tank, you need a biodigester installed in your home, school, hotel, and commercial places such as shops, and malls, just to name a few. With a bio digester, no regular pumping out of waste matter since it is completely broken down to a liquid that … Read more