Vacmaster vp112s Vacuum Sealer- Best food vacuum sealer

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Make your food last longer with the best food vacuum sealer, Vacmaster vp112s vacuum Sealer.

It is a must-havehome kitchen machine for preserving food until you are ready to eat it. It is also perfect for people who love buying food such as meat and vegetables in bulk for freezing.

Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer review

Main Features

-Features a new easy to use control panel

-It’s a model from Vacmaster

– Features redesigned heavy-duty chamber and lid for repetitive sealing

– Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer comes with an easy to use control panel that allows adjusting seal time and vacuum level

-Its chamber technology allows you to vacuum package liquids hence can be used for wet foods

-Features a marinating cycle which helps to marinate meat

-Its countertop friendly with its low profile design

– It is designed with vacuum sensor technology

-Product dimensions are 9 x 16 x 24 inches

-Comes with sealing bags and an instruction manual

Simple Digital Controls

vacuum sealer for food controls
Its digital controls

It features a digital control panel with a manual seal button. It has on and starts buttons. Vacmaster vp112s has the option to adjust the vacuum level from minimum to maximum. Its body is brushed stainless steel with few plastic parts.

Vacuum Efficiency of this vacuum sealer machine

If you run a quick test with a digital pressure meter, you will notice that this vacuum sealer machine will achieve impressive vacuum efficiency of over 99%. Many small, traditional and non-chamber machines can barely reach this vacuum efficiency.

Additionally, a high-end commercial chamber vacuum sealer like this one will allow control over the vacuum cycle.

Save time Marinating food

Marinate your food quickly with Vacmaster sealer machine.

It is a feature that the company has emphasized heavily. It features a marinating cycle that will help in marinating and tenderizing food before cooking. It can be used for chicken, beef, vegetables, and even fruits.

According to food experts, traditional marinating food takes hours and sometimes days just to get flavor into food but Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer will take a few minutes. Marinating food is essential for crafting the tastiest meal.

Vacuum sealer for wet foods

It is worth noting that this kitchen appliance also vacuum seals liquid food making it one of the best vacuum sealers for wet foods.

It is perfect for any kind of food you want to store in your fridge or freezer, whether bulk cuts of meat, cheese or potato chips. Additionally, it is ideal for vacuum sealing soups, stews, and other liquid foods.

It removes air from the liquid food thus preventing mold from forming.

Visibility of Lid

Vacmaster vp112s is popular because of the visibility of its lid which makes it easy to see your food as the air is being taken out.

Portable chamber vacuum sealer

It is lighter and smaller making it portable. It is perfect for a small kitchen as well for a big kitchen. It is a perfect size can be placed on your kitchen countertop and weighs only 50lb.

Its measurement is 9 inches high, 16 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

Bag clamp

This vacuum sealer machine comes with a bag clamp that holds the plastic bag in place inside the chamber. This will limit its movement and you can be sure you will get a consistent seal.

Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer Saves time and money

A sealer machine is an important kitchen appliance that every home should have. It is a perfect complement to sous vide cooking. You will have a longer freezer life hence you will throw out less food.

You can buy food in bulk for freezing.

How to use Vacmaster vp112s food Sealing Machine

It comes with an easy to operate control panel.

-Place your bag with food inside the chamber

-Place it over the seal bar, adjust the bag clip

-Lower the lid and you will be ready to start.

-Turn power on

-You can use the adjustable button to select your desired vacuum time.

-Press the start button and your food will be sealed perfectly removing air. When it’s finished, it will beep and release the vacuum.

Pros of this vacuum sealer for food

-Vacmaster vp112as food vacuum sealer seals both wet and dry foods

-It is easy to use

-You will get commercial quality results with this vacuum Sealing Machine

-Handles all kinds of food. Liquids are not a problem.


Features a plastic cover. Although the cover is plastic, Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer is redesigned with a heavy-duty lid to make sure it will last for a long time without cracking.

Final thoughts on Vacmaster vp112s

Let this sealer save you money and time with vacuum packaging. It will greatly extend the shelf life of your food in your freezer or refrigerator.

I am tired of having food in my black refrigerator go bad too quickly. That’s why I had to invest in a food sealer like Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer.

Different types of Vacuum sealers

It is worth noting that there are 2 types of vacuum sealers. A chamber vacuum sealer and an external vacuum sealer.

A chamber vacuum sealer

A chamber food vacuum sealer

A chamber vacuum sealer makes use of a chamber where an entire bag is placed inside to remove air.

It features a seal bar, a digital control panel, a lid, a vacuum pump, just to name a few. Once the air is sucked out, the machine seals the bag and it stops operating.

One of the benefits of this type of machine is sucking the air out of liquid foods such as soups, sauce, and stews. No need forfreezing liquid foods before sealingwhich is a requirement of an external sealer.

It is because of this special feature that they are ideal for marinating and infusions.

Some Chamber vacuum sealers canvacuum seal multiple bagsin a cycle but this depends on the model and size. They have powerful motors than external vacuum sealers.

External Vacuum Sealer

An external vacuum sealer works on food externally, i.e. the food remains outside the machine. Just place your food in a sealing bag. Place the open end of your bag inside the sealer and shut it.

Air will be sucked out from the bag directly; from the open end then seal it. A good example of an external vacuum sealer is the FoodSaver.

It has 2 disadvantages though, it makes sealing liquids harder. Liquid food needs to be frozen before sealing to prevent it from being sucked out. Additionally, external models have less vacuum power than chamber sealers.

It will do a nice job of sealing solid foods such as cheese, dried herbs, dried fruits, etc. Most of these machines are affordable and widely available.

7 Frequently asked questions about chamber vacuum sealer

1. Do food vacuum sealers work?

Vacuum sealers work by removing air from a bag before sealing. I have used my Vacmaster vp112s since I got back to sous vide cooking. It can now extend the life of the food that I smoke such as meat, pulled pork, and sausages.

Air is removed and this reduces atmospheric oxygen inhibiting the growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi which causes food spoilage. A Vacuum Sealing Machine can be used to store dry food, fresh food as well as wet foods.

Use it to store vacuum seal cured meats, cereals, smoked fish, cheese and potato chips. You can use it for fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish and liquids to inhibit bacterial growth.

The technology of chamber vacuums is superior to traditional sealers. Chamber vacuum is able to remove all air while traditional sealers are not able to sense if all air is removed.

2. What is a chamber vacuum sealer?

This is a common question I hear from vacuum sealer shoppers. Sometime back, chamber vacuum sealer machines was expensive and only a commercial user could afford it.

The only economical choice for removing air in food wasan external suction machinecommonly used by some brands. Chamber vacuum sealers are now affordable especially with the introduction of Vacmaster VP112s.

A chamber vacuum sealer contains a compartment where a bag with food is placed inside. They offer a high level of vacuum and consistency than external vacuum sealers.

It makes use of a vacuum pump that sucks all the air from the chamber and food.

3. Who Can Benefit From Using the Best food vacuum sealer?

These machines are useful for professionals and home kitchens. If you like purchasing highly perishable food in bulk and preserving them, a vacuum sealer will be perfect for you.

Vacuum Sealer Sous Vide

If you love sous vide cooking, you will love a vacuum sealer sous vide. You can save ingredients to cook later with this kitchen appliance. It will preserve your herbs, vegetables, and fruits for weeks or months in your freezer.

It is ideal for gardeners who want to preserve their food and use it through the winter. A vacuum sealer for meat will benefit great deal hunters and fishermen who want their food to last longer in the fridge.

It will also benefit people who like to marinate food quickly or love to prepare food in advance and want it to stay fresh.

A vacuum sealer will reduce costs due to food spoilage and wastage. It will keep your food fresh by protecting them against molds etc.

4. How much does a vacuum sealer for meat Cost?

You do not need to break a bank in order to afford one. A good one like Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer will cost you around $300 to $1000. It is a good investment that will save you money on food that is thrown away.

A lot of money is spent buying perishable food such as meat, vegetables, and daily products. Waste less food with a vacuum sealer.

5.Where can you buy a vacuum sealer sous vide?

An ideal place to buy a chamber vacuum sealer is online. First and foremost, shopping online can save you money.

Online stores have cheaper sealersbecause they don’t have expenses of running a physical establishment.

They don’t incur expenses such as electricity, rent and hence can meet the needs of their customers effectively.

The machine will be delivered to yousaving you the hustle of going to the store and carrying it.

No scrumming your way through a crowded store and you can conveniently send it as a gift to your relatives or friends.

6. Is Vacuum Sealed Food Safe?

Vacuum sealed food is safe to consume. Air is sucked out of the food prior to sealing. This limits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi. This keeps food fresh for a long time hence avoiding spoilage.

To avoid risks associated with vacuum sealing foods, follow these tips;

-Wash your hands before handling any food

-Do not touch food with your hands

-Keep your cutting board, utensils and counter clean

7. What are the factors or features to consider when buying a Vacuum Sealing Machine?

There are key features that you should consider before buying one of these machines. Consider what you will use it for. Consider if you want to use it mostly for marinating, meat, vegetables, etc.

Buy a sealer with a marinating cycle like Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer to cater to your marinating needs.

How often will you use a vacuum sealer for food in a year?

Usage is really an important factor to consider. If you are planning on using the sealer often, you need a chamber vacuum sealer that can handle large volumes of food.

Do not forget to check if it can vacuum seal liquid foods especially if you will be planning to store your sauces, soups, etc.

Special Features

You can also look for a machine with special features such as sealing wet foods, vacuum sensor technology and pulsating.

It will be good if a machine comes withextrassuch as jar sealers, bottle stoppers, rolls, canisters and sealing bags. It will save you time and money from buying these items.

Another important consideration is yourbudget. Buy a kitchen machine that you can afford. Chamber vacuum sealers such as VacMaster, NutriChef, FoodSaver, and Nesco are in the price range of $100 to $500.

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