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Biodigester Installation in Kenya-Everything you need to know about Bio digesters

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Cost of constructing a biodigester septic tank in Kenya

If you are tired of regularly pumping out your septic tank, you need a biodigester installed in your home, school, hotel, commercial places such as shops, malls, just to name a few.

With a bio digester, no regularly pumping out waste matter since it is completely broken down to biogas (methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide) plus liquid that is rich in nutrients and organics. Biodigester installation in Kenya offers the best way to safely dispose of waste from the toilet and is odorless.

You can use the liquid to enrich your soil and grow healthy plants. It contains nutrients such as phosphorous, potash, and Nitrogen. You can use methane for cooking. It gives smokeless blue flame and it is clean.

Here are Advantages of Biodigester over Septic Tank at a Glance

  • Requires minimal space
  • No fills
  • No Smell
  • Pocket friendly
  • Good for Eco-System.
  • Say No to Exhauster for life

For more information on biodigester installation in Nairobi, Kenya, Call/Text/WhatsApp us Active Biodigester on 0714195554. We have constructed or installed many biodigester systems all over Nairobi and Kenya. We are ready to take you to these places.

What is a Biodigester Septic Tank?

Biodigester for sale in Kenya

This is a chamber that facilitates anaerobic digestion to produces sludge and water. In other words, it is a waste and sewerage treatment system that is preferred by many home owners and business people because of its many benefits when compared to a conventional septic tank.

First of all, the waste such as green waste, manure, sewerage, human waste, municipal waste is broken down or decomposed by enzymes or bacteria to gases and liquid which can be reused at homes or shops.

A Bio digester system vs a Septic Tank

Bio-digesters in Kenya, Nairobi have replaced septic tanks because the government and construction experts are urging people to go green towards waste management.  This is a great move especially for people that live where there are no good sewerage facilities.

Also, normal septic tanks fill up quickly especially during the rainy season, they occupy large space, have more building cost and you will be required exhauster for life unlike a bio digester system.

This is the opposite of bio digesters that have less building costs and are cheaper in the long run. You will be saving more than 10,000; money that is used to pay for exhaust services every month especially if you have large household.

Biodigester Prices in Nairobi

Biodigester installation in Nairobi, Kenya is affordable when compared to a regular septic tank.  Here are bio digester prices in Nairobi, Kenya. Please note that prices will depend on the size and number of users.

Most often, these waste management system are connected to a private or public toilets. They are mostly made of bricks,behind a home or house or buried underground.

Their sizes vary from 1m³ for a family to 100 m³ for public facilities. Here is the cost of constructing septic tank in Kenya.

Bio digester toilet cost Kenya

  • 80,000 kshs for 50 users
  • 150,000 kshs  for 100 users
  • 250,000 kshs for 200 users
  • 350,000 kiss for 300 users

At active biodigester, we are affordable compared to some companies that charge 100,000 to install one for 50 users.  If you are looking for Biodigester for sale in Kenya, contact us on 0714195554 and we will install one for you at the above cost.

How does a Biodigester Septic Tank Work?

Bio-digester septic tanks convert organic matter such as manure, green waste, human excreta, sewerage, and municipal waste to useful compounds such as water and gas.  

In Kenya, this waste management system is mostly fed with liquid and solid waste from the kitchen and toilets.

Bacteria are used to bring about anaerobic process. These bacteria enzymes inside a biodigester decompose the carbohydrates, cellulose, fats and proteins inside the waste to usable products.

The biodigester creates a good environment for bacteria to break down this organic matter. When constructing one, we must include an airtight chamber that is free of oxygen so that anaerobic process can take place well.

A good Biodigester Septic Tank Design is Crucial

These bacteria function very well in areas that do not have oxygen. Therefore, a good biodigester septic tank design is required so as to increase its efficiency in breaking down waste matter.

Good bio digester septic tank designs produce clearer affluent because waste has been completely broken down. Waste management systems installed by us produces clear effluent because we are professionals in what we do. Infact, we are Nema approved.

Installing a bio digester in your home, school or commercial property is the best decision you will make since it comes with a bucketful of benefits. They have replaced septic tanks.

You will have cleaner and healthy environment and you will not have to worry about refills and calling exhauster services in your life. Like I mentioned before, biodigesters comes in varying sizes depending on users on the premises.

They also come in different shapes, and this will be determined by output requirements, space, infrastructure and waste matter type.

Advantages of a biodigester

Biodigester prices in Nairobi

Like I mentioned before, constructing a bio digester in your home, commercial property or school is the best decision you can make since it come with tons of benefits. Here are advantages of biodigester over septic tank.

  • Break down waste into usable compounds such as sludge,  water and gas
  • The water produced can be used for irrigation, sludge can be used as fertilizer since it is rich in nutrients and gas can be used for cooking.
  • The cost of building a bio digester is affordable when compared to a septic tank and it is cheaper in the long run since no refills and exhauster services
  • No smells since it produces odorless gas
  • This waste management system can be used right at home, in commercial properties, government premises and in school.
  • They are environmental friendly since they do not produce foul smell
  • It does not fill up like septic tank since waste is completely broken down to water which you can reuse
  • They have a lifespan of up to 20 years when they are properly maintained or cared well.
  • It does not take a lot of space and can be installed underground

They are Affordable

Installing a modern bio digester is affordable over the traditional septic system. This includes excavating its holes, drainage trenches, materials and labor.  First of all, it takes less space and this will save you money.

With septic tank, it can waste your valuable land especially for 50X100 set up.  Also, no exhauster needed with bio digesters. You will save money every month as you will be not be seeking exhausts services that can charge a lot for their services.

At our Company, we have installed a modern toilet bio-digester in a school and this technology supports better hygiene and will be cheap in the long run since no seeking unreliable exhaust services.

It is a wise investment that you can make because it will solve many problems. Do not forget that the end products such as water can be re used to flush the toilets and the gas be used for cooking.

Ideal Waste management System in Nairobi, Kenya

If you are looking for the best way to manage your waste, consider a bio-digester. It completely breaks down organic matter such as human waste, sewage, manure, kitchen waste and municipal waste into water, gas and slurry that can be used as a fertilizer.

The slurry makes a great fertilizer since it is rich in nutrients such as potash, nitrogen and phosphorous. This will improve your soil a lot and will yield healthy crops.

The gas produces (mainly methane) can be used for cooking. It is odorless and smokeless which makes it a great substitute for charcoal, kerosene or even firewood that is often used in Kenya.

Since it produces clean and smokeless blue flame, this will reduce respiratory and eye conditions that are caused by smoke in unventilated houses.

Most people in Kenya install bio-digesters to manage human waste hence they are connected to private or public toilets. It is also connected to sanitation facilities hence receives a lot of grey water from sinks and showers.

It is environmental Friendly

This waste management system is environmental friendly. Why do I say so? This is because it does not produce foul smell and is not polluting. Instead, it produces clean source of energy.

This is the main reason why many homes are constructing these waste management systems. They use natural process hence does not require energy for them to function.

It is worth noting that biodigesters reduce water and soil pollution. Landfills do not only smell but have toxic liquids flow out of them to nearby lands and water sources. They are sources of diseases such as cholera and this possess a great risk to people living nearby.

Construct a biogas to improve water quality, reduce pollution hence reducing the incidence of having diseases.

Compact in Size

These waste management systems are compact in size. This is unlike septic tanks which are usually big and occupy a large area when installed.

Furthermore, biodigester tanks can be installed underground thus saving space if you live in urban areas. They can be installed in homes, schools, churches, gated community, farms, petrol station, and even in residential areas.

No Exhauster Needed

This is one of the advantages of a bio digester. After installing it, you will never need the services of exhauster since waste is completely broken down into water and gas.

In addition, you will never have bad odors since this system completely breaks down the waste unlike septic tanks that just stores the waste.

 To ensure that your system works like required, here are things to avoid. Do not throw chemicals into the biodigester, plastic materials and even diapers. These materials may clog pipes and chemical will definitely interfere with action of the bacteria.

 Also, bacteria is only able to decompose organic materials.

Biodigester for sale in Kenya

Bio digesters are sold by many companies in different sizes, and shapes.

If you need a bio digester tank be installed in your home, school, commercial space or even your church, contact us.  We have been in the business for more than 10 years hence we are experienced.

We have successfully installed a lot of these waste management systems in apartments, mansions, homes, schools, and rentals.

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