What food can you vacuum seal? Vegetables, Meat & Wet Food

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what kind of food can you vacuum seal
Foods to vacuum seal

What food can you vacuum seal and freeze? If you are asking yourself this question, am here to help.

A Vacuum sealer is extremely useful at preserving almost all kinds of food. It is used in both professional and home kitchens to vacuum the following foods;

1. Bulk meat and cheese

A vacuum sealer for meat is ideal for hunters and fishermen

A Vacuum sealer for food

Vacuum sealer for food

You can buy highly perishable foods such as meat and cheese and preserve them in bulk. A vacuum sealer such asthis would make it perfect for hunters and fishermen.

It is best rated by specialists and magazines for its professional vacuum packaging of both dry and wet meat. You will love the results.

-It will keep your meat fresh in the freezer for over 2 years as the day you preserved it, withno freezer burn.

-It is ideal for people who sell fish and meat in bulk

-It features a marinating cycle which will be useful in marinating your meat

-No overheating and vacuums within seconds your meat from rabbit, deer or fish.

From my experience, you need the best vacuum sealer for hunting and fishing that can preserve your meat in top quality for a long time.

Choosing the right sealer bags for Vacuum Sealing

Choosing the right sealer bags is as important as selecting the best vacuum sealer for your fish and game. Here are tips from ourexpertson how to choose thebest sealer bags to avoid freezer burnsand achieve effective sealing for your meat.

-Use bag sizes according to your food sizes

-Only use high-quality food bags

-Use sealer bags that are intended for your machine

A vacuum sealer will protect your fish and game from moisture and access to microorganisms thus preserving them for a long time. It will save the unique wild taste of your meat so you can enjoy them later.

Vacuum sealing also makes it perfect for smoked fish.

2.What vegetables can you vacuum seal and freeze?

what foods can i vacuum seal

Have you been wondering if you can vacuum seal vegetables and fruits? A chamber vacuum sealer is an important kitchen appliance that will prolong the life of your precious vegetables and fruits.

If your garden is producing more vegetables and fruits than you can consume, it is better to preserve them by vacuum packaging. Veggies and fruits can be kept fresh for over 6 months by vacuum sealing them.

A Vacuum sealer machine is perfect for a Home Vegetable Gardener

Harvest time comes with a lot of produce and you don’t want them to go to waste. It is a fantastic kitchen machine that will cut down immensely on food waste as your farm produce will be stored for much longer.

Vegetables to vacuum seal and freeze include the following;


-Brussels sprouts








-French beans

Carrots, just to name a few

Fruits that can be vacuum sealed





-Berries etc.

Packaging your food in an airless environment is the best way to preserve them. Chamber vacuum sealers were mostly found in high-end restaurants but can now be found in most kitchens because they are affordable.

If you have limited kitchen space, you can buy a handheld vacuum sealer. If you have enough space, you can buy a Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealerwhich will do the job a lot quicker.

There are many brands of vacuum sealers to choose from like Vacmaster and FoodSaver. You can get one online or in the kitchen supply store. The fancier ones can get pricey. Also, each brand is slightly different so read the instructions to see if it will fit your needs.

Vacuum sealing Tips to save summer produce

You spent the entire summer growing and collecting your favorite vegetable and fruits. With the season gone, you need to store some of the produce to use over the coming months.

Canning will preserve your food for some months but it is a tedious process. Freezing your produce will preserve for a few weeks and probably get freezer burn. The best way to store your favorite veggies and fruits is vacuum sealing.

It will give you freshness for a long time with no freezer burning. It is a less time-consuming process. The following tips will ensure you will enjoy your farm produce for a long time.

Prepare your produce for Vacuum Sealing

There are a few things to do to your vegetables before vacuum-sealing them. First, wash your hands and vegetables with clean water. Make sure they are clean and fresh and no dirt or microorganisms enters the sealing bag.

Store in Portions

For larger vegetables, it will be good if youcut them into smaller options.They will be ready for cooking when you need them.

Do not forget to remove stems and roots if they have.


It is crucial to blanch any cruciferous vegetables that will be vacuum sealed. Cruciferous vegetables belong to the cabbage family. They require a little extra work before they can be preserved.

They emit gases that can fill up in a bag when vacuum sealed. This would cause your veggies to spoil. If you want to store your veggies for the long term and avoid them spoiling, boil them for a short period of time then immerse them in cold water, a process that is known as blanching.

Boiling vegetables for a short time deactivates the enzymes responsible for producing the gases. The cold water will stop further cooking. The National center for home food preservation has also confirmed that boiling the vegetables for a short while will ensure they remain fresh when frozen.

Blanching will also keep the nutritional content, color, and flavor of your vegetables.

3.Wet foods

Chamber Vacuum sealers are perfect for vacuum-sealing wet foods such as soups or food with liquids. They have a chamber in which the entire bag is placed.

If you seal liquid foods often with a vacuum sealer machine, you can invest in Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer which vacuum seals wet foods effortlessly.

Other wet foods or liquids to vacuum seal and freeze include sauces, dips, stews, marinades, just to name a few.

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