What is a Biodigester Septic Tank?

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A biodigester is simply a tank that provides a means for the anaerobic digestion of organic material.

Organic wastes such as human excreta (solid waste) and animal dung (liquid waste) or other organic wastes can be converted to pathogen-free sludge that can be used as manure.

It is a watertight chamber

It is a watertight chamber to which microorganisms are introduced causing the anaerobic decomposition of wastewater.

Bio digester septic tank is an advanced tank for continuous composting of the organic wastes in municipal solid and liquid wastes. It is provided with aerobic and anaerobic compartments to facilitate the natural microbial decomposition process.

Reduce the Volume of Waste

This process reduces volume and mass by converting solid biodegradable wastes to settled sludge and CO2 gas during the active phase and methane gas during the decay phase.

It is a closed system having no need for electricity, air supply, or feed material addition.

Installation of a Bio digester in Kenya

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Advantages of biodigester over the septic tank

Having a septic tank is good for your home but it can be expensive to install it and maintain it later on.

Also, we all know about septic tank problems. When it is installed, it looks brand new, but after some years going by, it will look like an old garbage bin. This is due to the dirt and the stains that get stuck on the walls of the tank over time.

There may also be a leakage in your old one which makes it impossible for anything else except headaches.

Good for Eco-System

A bio digester is an alternative to the common septic tank that uses natural processes to break down waste instead of conventional chemicals. Unlike its counterpart, a biodigester does not create poisonous wastewater. It also avoids the use of harmful chemical additives that may be present in some septic tanks.

Say No to Exhauster for life with a Biodigester

A bio digester is a simple and efficient technology to decompose organic waste quickly, naturally, in an enclosed environment, without the use of chemicals or moving mechanical parts.

It consists of a closed area that houses anaerobic bacteria. These friendly bacteria consume the waste as food and release gas

A biodigester Saves Space

There are many reasons why people consider using biodigester for their wastewater treatment systems. For example, if you have too little space to install a septic tank or if you want to reduce your sewage bills, then this is one of the best options that you can choose from.

This type of system is especially recommended for homes that have a big family or many guests staying for long-term periods of time.

No Smell

There are many reasons why your home could be smelling, the most common one being your toilet. This especially happens in the case where you have a septic tank. The liquids and solids in the septic tank mixing with water make the foul smell quite prominent.

Environmentally Cleaner

If you are searching for an environmentally cleaner, safer, and more efficient way to get rid of your waste without causing negative air or water pollution, then the use of a biodigester toilet system is right for you.

With most systems, the waste is completely broken down by bacteria and there is no smell at all.

A bio digester has helpful bacteria that work on breaking down toilet waste. The ultimate goal of these helpful bacteria is to completely break down poop, pee, and toilet paper into harmless compounds.

Bio digester toilets in Nairobi, Kenya reduce your waste to fertilizer and very clean water. These toilets can fit into standard plumbing, no special systems or electricity is required.

Bio digester toilet cost kenya

The normal price of constructing a biodigester is 100,000 kshs to 150,000 kshs. There are various factors that can influence the price of a biodigester. This includes the size of the family, the area you live in.

The price includes all supplies plus labor to assemble a completed bio-digester system ready to use.

However, our construction company is affordable. Our price starts from 80,000.

  • 80,000 kshs for 1 to 40 users
  • 150,000 kshs for 40 to 100 users
  • 250,000 Kshs for 100 to 200 users
  • 350,000 kshs for 200 to 300 users

Bio digester construction companies in Kenya

You can find many biodigester companies in Nairobi city Kenya. If you are planning to build a biodigester, make sure that you get a professional engineering team (Biodigester construction company) to help you out with the project.

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Experienced Construction Company

We are an experienced company that has been dealing with Bio digesters for more than 5 years and have accumulated a great deal of experience with the construction of digesters.

We have constructed many biodigesters in various regions of Kenya, i.e. in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kakamega, and Gilgil amongst others. Our biodigesters are built from high-quality materials that make them last for years.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide cheaper and safer biodigester services to Kenyans in comparison to the other companies.

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