Best Budget Jointer-(Comprehensive Review and a Buying Guide)

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I have been a woodworker for 4 years. It’s safe to say I know a lot about power tools. Once I got started being serious about woodworking, I became quite passionate about the craft.

Over the course of my career, there are a few woodworking tools that have become indispensable to me. This article is meant to share my experience with the best budget jointer.

Also, I spent several hours testing various tools and reading every review on every internet forum to create this list of the 5 best affordable wood jointers.

5 Best jointers for the Money Reviews

1. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer

The Porter cable benchtop jointer is able to put a nice smooth finish on a piece of wood. The grain pattern of the wood is smoothened out, waves and twists are removed, and you are left with a smooth surface that is ready to be worked on. View the Portercable jointer here on Amazon if you are not feeling like reading the entire review.

It is Durable

Opt for a new woodworking tool that outlasts even the most demanding workloads. This 6 inches Jointer is incredibly durable and a great addition to your workshop.

It is a solid, well-built machine. You can see that from the moment you take it out of the box and look at the materials used. This is not some cheap homeowner’s unit intended for occasional use. This thing is built to withstand harsh shop environments, daily or weekly use, and even abuse.

Offer Variable Speed

Real woodworkers want more power. Whether it’s to slowly produce high-quality dimensioned lumber or quickly crosscut a stack of plywood; their needs have always been the same with this power tool.

This is one of the best affordable benchtop jointers that has the power and control needed for both scenarios. The speed range is from 6, 000 to 11, 000 RPM. This generates plenty of power to make a clean cut through all types of hardwoods.

The variable speed control allows the operator to select the optimum operating speed based on materials and conditions. Variable speed control is essential when cutting both soft and hardwood in order to avoid unwanted edge chipping.

It also allows for short bursts of higher speeds, which can be used to get out of a bind or break through a knot without overheating, burning, or dulling the cutters.

Features a 2-knife cutter head

Cut both sides of your material at the same time with this top-rated budget jointer. This 6-inch benchtop jointer features a two-knife cutter head with blades that are easily adjustable.

Has Easy Adjustment of knives

This Jointer from the widely known Porter-Cable brand can work both hard and softwoods as well as plywood. When you start using this model, you will notice that it is very easy to adjust and manage.

The product comes equipped with adjustable blades for improved accuracy of cuts.

Has an Extra-large table

This tool is the perfect size for any small to medium shop. The tables are large enough to flatten material up to 6 inches wide. And the built-in, outfeed support allows you to feed longer workpieces.

2. Wahuda jointer review

Best budget jointer

Are you looking for the best budget jointer? I will suggest you choose the Wahuda power tool. It’s been designed mainly with woodworkers in mind, as those are the people who tend to do a lot of woodworking jobs.

Produces Perfectly Flat Surfaces

Get rid of the frustration in assembling your woodworking projects by getting a flat surface with Wahuda Jointer. It is designed to cut wood pieces to provide perfectly flat surfaces and edges.

Don’t let cupped, wavy and uneven woods ruin your non-woodworking projects anymore. Give this high-performance jointer a go and rid yourself of all those unwanted damages that could’ve been prevented earlier if you had a machine like this.

This power tool can make your dream come true as quickly as possible! You are sure to get a superb result using the right equipment, professional help, and at the right time.

Wahuda Jointer is Powerful

The 12,000 RPM motor is powerful enough to flatten, taper, edge, and join boards no matter the surface. Best of all, it’s affordable for any budget! It is the tool that you need for your cabinetry or fine framing jobs, as well as your unique wood projects.

Features an adjustable and expandable cast iron table

This best-budget wood jointer is equipped with a spiral cutter head to help you achieve unparalleled edge preparation. It comes with an auto-return system, which means the table will automatically return to the starting position after each use.

No need for any hassles as it is easy to use and maintain. It also delivers fast performance that can be relied upon evenly across its entire surface. Finally, its compact size makes it easy to store in your workshop or tool shed.

3. Cutech jointer

Best jointer under 1000

This Cutech Bench Top budget Jointer is a powerhouse of a tool that will help you get the smooth finish you need when working with your wood.

Whether it’s to craft beautiful furniture, create a piece of art, or repair old or new items, this tool makes short work of that time-consuming edge smoothing.

That’s because it uses a high-speed spiral cutter head with carbide tips to do the heavy lifting for you. It operates at up to 3250 RPM allowing it to plane, level, and then refine but remain ultra-quiet throughout the entire process.

Features a Powerful 10 Amp 120V motor

The Cutech jointer cuts the board up to a maximum of 1-3/8″ thick with the help of a 10 Amp 120V motor.

It is ideal for woodworkers who work with a wide variety of materials, making it a versatile choice. The powerful motor features low vibration and 10 amp power so the cutter head stays cool and your efforts are concentrated on producing fine finishes in plastic or wood.

Because it’s a spiral cutter head jointer, you can switch out tasks in no time to achieve fast workpiece processing and great cuts.

Its clear plastic guard triangle prevents objects from getting wedged in its metal body. This small machine is perfect for DIY projects around the home or shop.

4. CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer

Craftsman Benchtop budget Jointer makes shaping wood easier and more enjoyable. It’s made for woodworkers by woodworkers, featuring a powerful 10-amp motor.

Plus, you’ll get four unique shop-friendly features: an easy-to-adjust fence; a quick-release blade that’s pre-adjusted to allow for fast and easy replacement; a large fence knob that turns smoothly and locks securely in place at any angle; and a rubber power cord that stays put wherever you roll it up.

Will work on Hard and Soft Woods

This best low-cost jointer has all the power you need to achieve straight, smooth results on a variety of hard and soft surfaces. Ideal for woodworkers of all skill levels, this jointer is engineered to deliver precise results with minimal effort.

It is Lightweight

This woodworking tool is lightweight and easy to set up, taking about a minute to unpack from the box and allowing you to get right down to work.

The package lets you see the item, touch it, and verify that it’s real and not some scheme before having to spend any cash. You can take it home with you anywhere, without anyone knowing but your bank balance.

You will get a straight cut Every Time

No matter what you’re working on, you’ll get a clean, straight cut every time with the Craftsman Benchtop Jointer.

The built-in fence provides solid support for your workpiece to ensure accuracy when you make your cuts. And with an easy-to-read quick-set depth adjustment knob, you can easily dial in the thickness of your desired cut for uniform results.

This Best cheap jointer has Easy Blade adjustment and replacement

The jointer features a two-knife cutter head for increased precision and comes with a jackscrew knife leveling arrangement that allows for easy replacement and adjustment of blades.

Its compact design makes storage convenient, and the built-in cord wrap makes transport easy.

Has Variable Speed

This is a powerful machine that is uniquely designed for a variety of woodworking needs. Whether you are a professional woodworker or if you enjoy woodworking as a hobby, this jointer is sure to meet all your needs.

It provides speeds of 6, 000 to 11, 000 RPM that range from fast to slow, depending on the size and hardness of your material

The easy-to-use infeed and outfeed tables make jointing hassle-free so you can tune right up to the edge. Select one of the two-speed ranges to fit the size and hardness of your material, then choose one of the two different fence positions to improve precision cuts.

5. Rikon Bench Top Budget Jointer

The RIKON Power Tools (Rikon) 6″ Benchtop Jointer is a versatile machine that has the cutting accuracy, and power to get the job done right.

The efficient helical cutter head is capable of jointing stock up to 7″ wide. This is one of the best versatile machines that can plane, edge joint, true, and mortise wood.

Best jointer on a budget

This is one of the best affordable benchtop jointers for sale on the market. You will be ready to go as soon as you open the box and set it up. It comes fully assembled and sharpened by a factory professional.

This is an industrial-quality designed tool that will not disappoint. It is priced lower than similar models and is the perfect fit for the home, shop, or garage.

Saves Space in your Home Workshop

This jointer is ideal for the woodworker who does not have a lot of space but wants to get into woodworking. This will do the same job as a larger jointer but is in a smaller footprint so it is easy to find space for and leaves room to get more tools into your workshop.

Has Safety Features

It has all safety features including a guard that is spring-loaded when you pull it out and there is an on/off switch on the front of the tool so there are no cords in the way when you are using it.

Has all Metal Construction

This is one of the best budget benchtop jointers that provides the capabilities you need for your woodworking projects. Its quick depth setting mechanism with scale and adjustable fence tilt from 90 degrees to 45 degrees quickly and accurately enhances the precision of the machine and your productivity.

Built with rigid, all-metal construction, and machined aluminum tables, this jointer is a reliable choice for accurate, efficient work.

Have High Speed

This Rikon jointer has high-speed steel blades that deliver smooth, accurate cuts to any board length. The fast, simple changeover allows you to switch from jointing to planing in seconds.

A large 30” x 6-3/16” table provides plenty of support for your work. A powerful 10 AMP motor provides the power you need to tackle the most demanding jointing projects.

Ideal for Home

Rikon’s new line of power tools provides professional woodworking solutions for the home. This jointer is ideal for residential carpentry as it features a helical cutter head with high-speed steel insert knives.

FAQS about Jointers

What Is Wood Jointer

A wood jointer is a woodworking tool used to create flat and smooth surfaces on the edges of lumber boards.

It consists of a flat table and a rotating cutter head. When a rough board is passed over the table and against the cutter head, it shaves off any unevenness, producing a straight and level edge.

This process is crucial for creating precise, seamless joints when joining boards together to build furniture, cabinets, and other woodworking projects. The jointer enhances the stability and quality of the final product by ensuring that the boards fit together perfectly, resulting in strong and visually appealing craftsmanship.

Is It Worth Buying A Jointer?

A jointer is unquestionably worth buying for woodworking enthusiasts. With its ability to flatten and straighten rough lumber edges, it ensures precise and seamless joinery, crucial for creating professional-grade projects.

It Enhances Safety in a Woodworking Shop

The tool also enhances safety, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by uneven boards.

Investing in a jointer streamlines the woodworking process, saves time, and reduces material waste.

Produces High-Quality Finished Pieces

Moreover, the resulting high-quality finished pieces elevate the overall craftsmanship and increase the project’s value.

Considering its long-term benefits and improved woodworking capabilities, purchasing a jointer is a wise decision for those seeking precision, efficiency, and excellence in their creations.

What to Know Before Buying a Jointer?

Before purchasing a jointer, you need to know several things and they are;

  • Evaluate the available space in your workshop and choose an appropriately sized jointer.
  • Understand the two common types: benchtop and freestanding, each with unique advantages and limitations.
  • Assess the cutting width, as it determines the board size you can handle.
  • Check the motor power and RPM for efficiency.
  • Consider the cutterhead type, straight or helical, affecting smoothness and noise levels.
  • Safety features like a blade guard are essential.
  • Read reviews and compare prices to make an informed decision, ensuring a well-informed and satisfactory jointer purchase.

What Is The Best Size Jointer To Buy?

When considering the best size jointer to buy, several factors play a crucial role. The ideal jointer size depends on your woodworking needs and available space.

Smaller jointers, around 6 inches, are suitable for hobbyists and those with limited space, offering decent performance for light projects.

On the other hand, larger jointers, like 8 inches or more, provide enhanced precision and efficiency for professional woodworking tasks and handling wider boards.

Jointer buying guide

If you are planning to buy your first modern, upper-strength Jointer, there are a number of things to consider before you do so.

Knowing what to look for will allow you to make the right decisions for your deck.

Following a few pointers can mean the difference between being happy with your purchase and thinking it’s not worth it.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Budget Jointer

There are many factors to consider when you are trying to buy the best affordable jointer.

These factors include an adjustable fence, cut depth, and blade style. Other factors include work area, productivity, and power.

These are some of the things that you should consider before making such an investment. It is also important to take into consideration the budget you have available.

A Fence that can be tilted

Having a fence that can be tilted for different angles might be an important factor when you’re trying to determine which type of jointer will be right for your woodworking assignments.

Each wood piece is different and needs the support of the fence at least one angle, so you need to consider your most common projects. You’re surely going to tilt the fence if you are working on a tabletop or a cabinet necessitating accurate 45- and 90-degree angles.


There are so many things to consider when buying your first affordable jointer. You can pick the best jointer that meets your needs and price range.

Your price range varies depending on the amount and size of the work you plan to do. If you’re making a lot of repairs at once, you could easily spend well not more than $500. This is where a good bench tool set comes in handy.

The lower the price, the better. But what is a “good” price? I would recommend spending more money on something that may last longer and being more reliable; in other words, spending more on durability and quality and a jointer for the home workshop that comes with all the features that you are looking.

Width of the work area

One of the first things you should consider when buying the best jointer for a home workshop is the width of the work area.

Jointer tables come in various configurations and there are some that accommodate wood of all sizes. Choose a power tool that has a large working area so it can fit longer lumbar.

Should be Versatile

Are you considering purchasing a wood jointer, but are confused about which one to purchase? The best budget jointer should be able to do several different tasks.

It should cut accurate angles, cope boards, and produce straight cutting edges. You’ll also need to consider the cost of maintenance for the machine. It is relatively inexpensive for a tool with lots of complex functions.

Motor Power

The motor power of the jointer is an important consideration. Usually, the larger and more powerful motors are, the more they are expensive.

Even though you can get cheaper power tools with strong motors, your woodworking experience might be quite difficult to perform without a high-quality device.

Adjustable Table

When you are in the market looking for a jointer, you will most certainly come across an arrangement of table jointers.

When choosing the best one that fits your budget, adjustable tables are better bought than fixed ones as they can be adjusted depending on the task at hand.

Bench jointer uses

A jointer is one of the most important tools in any woodshop. In fact, it’s so essential that, if you don’t have one, you should consider investing in one.

Today I want to talk about the important functions of a jointer and how it can improve your ability to get accurate edges on different pieces.

Smoothing edges or cutting corners of a Lumbar

A jointer is a woodworking tool used to straighten and true the edges of lumber. It can also be used to plane the face of a board flat and square, along with its edges, making it easier to prepare for joinery or to produce a finished surface on a workpiece.

It is a useful tool for a variety of woodworking projects. It helps plywood, hardwood, and other wood types maintain consistently straight edges.

Helps you save time while working on Lumbar

A bench jointer offers many benefits. It helps you save time and effort while improving the quality of plywood, hardwood, and other types of board.

Get Quality Finished Product

If you want to increase the quality of your woodworking projects and get a finished product that is perfectly even, then you need a bench jointer.

It is a must-have tool for any woodworker. You will get beautiful woodwork while saving time and money.

How to use a jointer

How to use a jointer depends on whether the jointer is manual or electric. If you are using an electric jointer, simply plug in the machine and turn it on, according to your user manual.

If you are using a manual jointer, however, you will need to use levers to adjust your blades and then lock them in place with bolt clamps. These levers are located at the front of your machine.

The next step is feeding wood into the cutter’s head. The material will be removed off your lumbar making it smooth. You might need several passes in order to get edges of wood that can be jointed.

How to use a Jointer Properly Video

Jointer injuries

Protecting yourself from injuries while using a budget jointer is very important. An injury can make you unable to work, or worse. Always remember that the most expensive part of your workshop is you. Protect yourself!

Wear Safety Goggles

Jointer injury happens because the operator is always not wearing safety goggles. Always wear safety goggles when you’re using power tools.

Not only do they protect you from serious eye injuries, they also protect you from wood dust and splinters that can fly when using power tools.

Wear Gloves

Remember to always wear gloves while operating your jointer, and remember to keep your fingers away from the blade. It’s a common cause of serious injuries.

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