Different Types of food processors Explained

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Food processors are a must-have for anyone who likes to cook. They make meal preparation much quicker, easier, and more satisfying.

Instead of standing over the sink preparing veggies by hand, you can throw them in the bowl with other ingredients and let the machine work do its miracle.

I have several different types of food processors at my disposal, so I can make almost anything that requires chopping or mixing. Here is a complete breakdown of types of food processors available on the market today.

Food processor for dough Kneading

dough making with a food processor

A food processor doesn’t have to be relegated to slicing, dicing, and mixing. In fact, one of the best tools you can have in your kitchen is a food processor. They’re easy to use, versatile, and help save space in the kitchen by giving you many functions in one tool.

Did you know that you can use a food processor to knead the dough in your bread recipes? It’s true! Using the “Knead” setting on your food processor will help make soft, supple, delicious bread.

Save you Time Kneading Dough

It can save you a lot of time and clean up after baking. They allow you to mix ingredients for 30 seconds and have it ready to be sliced into pie crusts.

Food processors can slice, shred and grate ingredients that would otherwise require hours of prep work. They are also useful for mixing pancake batter, meatloaf, hollandaise sauce and salsa.

Makes the Process of Kneading Dough Easy

A food processor comes in handy when you start making bread and pizza dough.

One thing to keep in mind is that a food processor will let you have more control over the kneading dough process and reduce your risk of developing a repetitive strain injury from kneading dough using your hands (a common injury among bakers).

If you are a baker, then you would want to get a food processor for kneading dough. A food processor with a dough blade can perfectly knead your dough for virtually any bread.

Food processor for pureeing Food

A food processor can make quick work out of the preparation of pureed foods and sauces. If you enjoy cooking, having a few food processors is a good idea. The job that these tools perform in using them is an art.

While other machines are used for a number of purposes, there is no better device for pureeing foods than a food processor. This makes it very important to purchase the right one for your needs so you do not waste your money buying something that may not be capable of doing what you need it to do.

Wonderful for making Sauces, Soups, Coffee Creamer

A food processor is a wonderful gift for any cook that likes to make their own sauces, soups, or even coffee creamer.

Food processor for pureeing is something that you must have in your kitchen. The one that come with puree function provides the perfect blending of different ingredients for making healthy dishes.

Almost all food can be pureed

Food is mostly pureed for babies but adults can benefit too from this type of food, especially those with dysphagia or dental problems.

Almost all foods, including casseroles, certain salads, fruits, and chopped vegetables, can be pureed. Also, minced meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey can be easily pureed. If you want to improve the productivity and efficiency of your kitchen, try a food processor that can grind meat.

Blender and food processor combo

A blender and food processor combo is a great invention. It simplifies meal preparation by eliminating the need for multiple appliances to do the same job.

Offer Convenience and are Space Saving

With this combo, you do not need to worry about clearing space in your cabinets or on your countertop when you entertain guests. The best blenders and food processor combos offer convenience, space-saving storage, and versatility.

Are great for Food Preparation

The blender is able to mince, purée and liquidize, whereas a food processor can chop up ingredients.

A blender and food processor combo will also make smoothies with frozen ingredients or prepare a big batch of guacamole to take to a party.

Either way, you can rely on your blender and food processor combo to handle every food preparation job. It comes equipped with powerful motor that can crush ice, knead bread dough and make your favorite smoothie.

What is the best blender food processor combo?

1. Oster blender food processor combo

oster food processor blender combo

Main Features

-It comes with a 1200 watt motor

-It features 7 speeds and 3 pre programs for milkshakes, salsas, and smoothies

-It comes with a food processor attachment with a stainless steel chopping blade and slicing disk

-You will get all of the benefits of a food processor and blender and make everything from soup, salsa, and smoothie

-Its comes with a 5 cup food processing bowl

-It features a glass pitcher or jar which can be used interchangeably with the food processor bowl. Blender jar has a capacity of 6 cups.

-It also comes with a smoothie cup

This is a powerful blender food processor combo that can perfectly crush ice and make frozen drinks.

It will chop, mince, and slice for quick and easy food preparation. This is possible with its stainless steel chopping blade and slicing disk.

It has a Dual Direction Blade technology; that blends in forward and backward motion.

Commercial grade food processor

Known as heavy-duty processors, these types of food processors help with all kinds of food preparations from cutting, blending, making sauces, mixing, making soups, knead the dough, chop vegetables, potatoes and fruits and many more.

Are ideal for Restaurants

A commercial food processor is an essential for any busy restaurant or caterer. It will help you to save time when preparing meals in your busy food outlet.

When you search the internet for restaurants suppliers, be sure to include a food processor on your list of equipment, along with other essentials such as fryers, vacuum sealers, merchandisers etc.

They Prepare Large Amounts of Meals at one Time

A commercial food processor can save you a lot of time and energy when cooking large amounts of meals at one time. Having a commercial food processor in your restaurant can also mean more profits since your staff will have more time to help customers rather than being tied up in the kitchen for hours.

A good food processor should be versatile enough to handle almost any kitchen job, from slicing and dicing veggies for large salads to mixing and blending ingredients for salad dressings or sauces behind the scenes.

Comes with High-quality and Durable Parts

They are also ideal for foodservice businesses, or families that like to prepare large quantities of food.

They feature a large bowl, interchangeable blades, large feed tubes, powerful motor, on and off button, different speed options, and are made of durable material.

Their blades are made of stainless steel and are able to withstand a high volume of food preparations. They are durable and process all types of food ingredients, from tough foods to simple ones.

Can Prepare all kinds of Food

They chop, shred cheese and dice, whip up the cream and puree fruits in seconds. You will be investing in the best food processor that is of high quality, and that can prepare all kinds of food.

It will save you money, time, and energy required in the preparation of food and it is way better than a manual food processor.

Manual food processor

This is a hand-operated or manually operated food processor. It does not use electric motor hence not powerful enough to handle tough ingredients.

Characteristics of a Manual Food processor

Their food processing bowls are small in size hence suited for small volumes of foods.

Pumping the handle of the most manual food processor will mechanically chop the food in it and the more one pumps, the finer the result will be.

Most manual food processors feature 3 to 5 cups bowl size, pump handle, lid, and blade.

Benefits of a Manual Food Processor

Your kitchen probably has a lot of appliances and gadgets that seem pretty standard, even though they might not be used as much or as often as you thought.

One example of this is a manual food processor. It’s a handy tool to have and doesn’t take up any cabinet space when it’s not in use.

A manual food processor can help you save money on the cutlery your household uses for chopping vegetables and other ingredients, helping you avoid the cost of buying pre-chopped foods from the grocery store.

A manual food processor is the way to go for chopping and small grinding jobs. A full sized, electric food processor is costly and takes up a lot of space.

And while a hand grinder will do a similar job with more effort (done it before), it’s really not much cheaper than buying a manual food processor (I did both, still prefer the manual one).

Food processor spiralizer

You already know about the health benefits of eating more vegetables, and you’ve probably bought yourself a food processor to help you out with that.

You love how quickly it can chop up your vegetables in seconds, but aren’t too impressed about the fact that it doesn’t come with a spiralizer. It would have been fantastic if you could just buy a food processor with a spiralizer attached so that you can throw in your vegetables and then turn them into curly fries or spaghetti.

The Benefits of this Home Kitchen Appliance

The food processor spiralizer is truly my best friend. Not just because it turns regular vegetables into pasta but also because it makes cooking quicker for me.

If you have not tried using a spiralizer, guess what? You do not know what you will be missing in your kitchen. Take advantage of the food processor spiralizer and join the ranks of those who are now cooking faster, better, and healthier all at the same time!

Turns vegetables into long, thin strands or “spirals” of varying widths

Food processors with spiralizer attachments are very popular right now. Use it to cut veggies into long, thin strands or “spirals” of varying widths–slice carrots, apples, zucchini, cucumbers and more to make lovely garnishes and add a fun twist to salads and other dishes.

But you may find that having a spiral cutter dedicated to this task can be a little clumsy. That’s where the food processor comes in! Using your own food processor can result a great way to create interesting, beautiful sculptures out of vegetables and fruit.

The spiralizing attachments are simple to attach and are dishwasher safe. Cuisinart food processor spiralizer is able to spiral cut potatoes, vegetables, fruits hence creating delicious, and colorful designs of food.

Juicer food processor combo

Are you bored with your regular food processor but you still want to make your fresh juice at home? Juicer food processor combo is the best solution for you.

With its help, making a piece of pie or chocolate brownie will never be boring again. The device combines juice and food processor together; this makes it possible to make healthy juice drinks at home plus help in slicing onion, herbs and veggies, chopping onions, garlic and fruits to making dough for cakes and pizzas.

Some food processors come with a juicer attachment. The food processor’s bowl and juicer attachment will use the same motor. This feature is an added advantage since no extra expense of buying a juicer.

Electric food processors

Electric food processors use an electric motor to function. They are different from manual food processors because they require electricity to operate.

They use blades and disks and other attachments which can be interchangeable, unlike a blender that uses a fixed blade.

They are the most common food processors than the manually operated They are more powerful, efficient and can handle large volumes of food, unlike manually operated ones.

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