8 Types of Microwaves-Microwave Buying Guide

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The microwave oven is a kitchen must have. It is just not for popcorn anymore. With the introduction of a small portable microwave, microwaves are making their way into every aspect of our lives.

They make it possible to cook smaller portions and even heat up leftovers in less than half the time of a conventional oven.

All types of microwaves have added convenience and speed to our lives and this convenience and speed is only going to increase as more people turn to the miracle of microwaves.

Different Types of Microwaves

There are different types of microwaves to suit all needs, whether it’s the budget conscious or someone who wants the best. Shoppers can search by speed, fuel type, wattage rating and number of features to find their perfect match.

And what about the different types of microwaves. Popcorn, convection, grill – which one is the best fit for your home kitchen?

Do you need a compact microwave that sits compactly on a worktop or wall-mounted so it takes up minimal space? Or do you prefer a taller model that dispenses with the need for an extra-long power cable?

Countertop Microwaves

What is a countertop microwave? Countertop microwaves are specifically designed to be operated on the countertop. No installation is required, just plug it in and start cooking.

This type of microwave offers a safe and an easy way to start heating your food. Regardless of its size or brand, it can cook anything from frozen dinners to pizza in minutes. These home kitchen countertop microwaves are like miniature ovens. They come in various sizes and styles and are available at great prices.

Many countertop microwaves come with the following features;

Food you can warm with microwave

Some comes with auto cooking programs perfect for busy cooks because there is no measuring or weighing needed.

Built in Microwaves

A built-in microwave oven is fitted inside a kitchen cabinet and can be operated without opening the door. Built-in microwaves are particularly great in small home kitchens, where counter space is at a premium.

Modern life is busy. That’s why a built-in microwave is a must-have for today’s home kitchen. A built-in microwave fits perfectly with your décor, doesn’t take up valuable counter space, and let us you cook healthy meals quickly and easily.

Benefits of built in Microwaves

Built in microwaves can cut down on the number of appliances you use. They are easier to clean up and, because everything is under the cabinet, you won’t have wires sticking out.

Built in microwaves are a practical way to save space in your home, and they match all kinds of home kitchens.

It can be Installed anywhere

Can be installed in microwave drawer or kitchen cabinetry. Built in microwaves make your cooking area look great. They can be installed just like standard wall ovens, and they will last for years.

A new built-in microwave can cook faster and use less electricity than most older microwaves. It will allow you to prepare a variety of meats and vegetables thoroughly, while the speed defrost setting quickly thaws out frozen food and the automatic shut off system prevents accidental burning.

Convection Microwave Types

A convection microwave, is a type of microwave oven that uses a fan to circulate the heat generated from the microwaves. This creates a more even and thorough cooking, which results in better tasting food.

With a convection microwave, heat is spread evenly through the entire area of your food. This even temperature delivers better results than a traditional microwave that simply heats the air in a microwave oven and then circulates that hot air throughout your food.

What type of microwave is best?

What type of microwave is best? I consider convection microwave to be the best because it combines the functionality of an electric oven and a microwave in a single unit. It warms up food quickly and has a grill function.

A convection microwave oven can handle almost any task. You can cook dinner and roast a chicken all at the same time. It’s perfect for busy families and entertaining friend in your home.

As a result, a convection microwave oven cooks food more quickly and retains its flavor and nutrients better than a traditional microwave. This type of microwave is smarter than ever before. It knows when your food is cooked to perfection, and it interacts with your smart devices.

Inverter Microwave

Inverter microwave ovens use the same principles as other microwave ovens, but with a slightly different working principle. For more information about what an inverter microwave is and how it differs from a conventional-mode microwave, read the whole article.

Uses a Different Technology

Today, inverter microwaves are your best choice when you want to prepare healthier meals and control portion sizes. Inverter microwave ovens use a different method than traditional microwaves to cook your food.

An inverter microwave is a feature that automatically senses when food is cooked and switches the microwave off. This prevents overcooked and charred food and keeps it warm until you are ready to serve your meal.

Inverter microwaves use an inverter to convert the DC power from a microwave into AC power, as opposed to traditional microwaves that use magnetrons. They are sleeker and more compact, but the main benefit is their higher efficiency.

Inverter microwaves use microprocessors to control the power of the microwave while cooking food. The resulting changes in power are responsible for improved cooking, heating and defrost times.

Over the Range Microwaves

What is an Over-the-Range Microwave Oven and why do I Need One? Microwaves are used to heat or cook food, so it makes sense that an over the range microwave oven would be used as a heating device.

The most interesting, innovative and futuristic microwave ovens are called over the range microwave ovens. They are installed on your stove and comes with a ventilation to remove odor, smoke and vapor.

Save Home Kitchen Counterpace

Over the range microwaves (OTR) are known to be one of the most important home kitchen appliances. They save up valuable counter space while providing an easier reach to your food items over a stovetop.

They are great option for those who don’t have the space to fit a full size microwave underneath their cabinets. It is also a convenient way to put your countertop microwave in a better location.

Commercial Microwaves

Commercial Microwaves are used in commercial kitchens. A commercial microwave is more powerful than a residential model of the same wattage.

It is used in various restaurant and industrial applications. In the restaurant industry, these are often used for defrosting or baking as well as cooking food.

Applications for commercial microwaves include: Food service and quick-service restaurants, institutional and school cafeterias, bakeries, breweries, convenience stores, laundromats, hotels and motels and even homes if you have a large family.

Their Benefits

Cook up fast microwave meals with a Commercial microwave. Whip up popcorn, reheat your food and melt chocolate in no time. Cook better & faster with a Commercial microwave.

Benefits of Microwaves

Cooking Tasty Meals

How do you spend your evenings? Curled up on the couch or in front of the TV? With a microwave oven in your kitchen, you can prepare tasty meals that you’ve never thought to try. You’ll have home-cooked meals in just minutes, freeing up more time for family and friends.

Microwave ovens are the most common gadgets that you can find in almost any kitchen. Maybe this is why they are so popular. However, it is not only their convenience that makes them so attractive. People express their love for this home kitchen appliance in other ways as well.

One way of showing how much someone loves their microwave ovens is to give them as a gift. A friend may like to have an oven just because of its beautiful design or a special feature that it has.

Most home appliances come in a variety of colors and being such an important part of every home kitchen, people want their appliances to look good in their homes.

Factors to consider when buying various types of microwaves

types of microwaves

When purchasing a microwave, there are a few considerations you need to make before making the choice that’s right for you. With so many models on the market at different price points, finding the microwave that is right for you can be tricky. There’s a lot more than just wattage to consider when deciding which microwave will meet your needs and your budget.

First, you will need to decide which features are right for your lifestyle-consider convenience, energy efficiency and price.


To save money when buying a microwave, consider price, budget and cost. If you are considering price when buying a microwave, you should consider which features you really need and which ones you can do without. When it comes to cost, microwave ovens range from as low as $30 to over $200 for larger models.

Depending on the price, you should expect different things from your microwave. The budget category features a simple grill and defrost functions that are suitable for a dorm room or small apartment, while the more expensive category offers more advanced features. Some of these include a genius sensor and child lock feature among others.

Wattage or Cooking Power

When choosing a microwave for your home, don’t just look at the brand. You need to consider how many watts the device operates at. Wattage is a good indication of heating capacity so make sure you choose one with enough power to meet your needs.

Microwaves are convenient and fast, and can be purchased for a low price. However, microwave wattage directly impacts how well they perform. The higher the wattage, the faster food is cooked.

Cooking Options

Whether you’re upgrading your home kitchen appliances for the first time or making a second microwave purchase, you need to know the important features of different microwave ovens.

A good microwave comes with great cooking features that include pre-programmed settings for frozen foods, specific timing for each step in the cooking process, and various heat levels to control browning.

When it comes to microwave options, you shouldn’t settle for less. Cook meats, vegetables, and even desserts with quick and easy ways to microwave. Microwaves make cooking a breeze. They cook food quickly, evenly, and without the fat that regular ovens leave behind.

Different sizes

There are many different sizes of microwaves; small, medium and large. You can use a microwave to heat up food or drinks when you do not want to use a full sized home oven. 12-inch or 18-inch, narrow or wide, simple or extra functional, there is a microwave to suit your everyday needs.

Special features

Every parent knows how dangerous a microwave can be. With child lock feature, you do not have to worry about this issue. Microwave child locks ensure your children safety and security when they are using the microwave.

Some microwaves will allow the user to input a password to gain access to the cooking functions of the microwave. The feature is used to prevent children from using the microwave while unattended.

This great feature will prevent burns and fires.

Genius Sensor

Do you want to cook evenly and effectively? Are you in a hurry but still want to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal made by yourself? The microwave oven with the genius sensor cooks based on the weight of your food.

You can put a half a cup of flour and it will automatically calculate cooking time in seconds. It works with all liquids too, so you can quickly shake to spread out milk or cream evenly in your meal.

Smart Sensor™ is the latest technological innovation from KitchenAid®. It instantly calculates cooking times based on the food being cooked, ensuring precision results every time. By simply inputting the weight of your food and giving it a quick shake to evenly distribute liquids, Smart Sensor™ automatically programs your microwave for the perfect and most efficient heating cycle.

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