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How much does it cost to install an anaerobic biodigester to manage wastewater in the UK? It costs £1,700-£3,000. If you are in the United Kingdom and you are asking yourself this question, you are in the right place.

The price of an anaerobic biodigester for managing wastewater from the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, etc., in the UK will depend on several factors, including its size or the number of people using it, your location, ground conditions, and specifications, and that’s why I have given an estimation of the price.

Tips for Installing a Biodigester WasteWater Management System

I have installed biodigesters for many years, So I know a lot about biodigester sewage treatment systems. The quality of the ground on which the biodigester will be installed should be suitable. High-quality materials should be used so that the system can last for a long time. You should choose an experienced company to install the waste treatment system to ensure it lasts long and functions optimally.

biogas price in kenya

If you are looking for a biodigester instead that produces gas or a biogas biodigester, read this article.

What is a Biodigester Septic Tank?

Consumers always want a solution to their waste management problems. A biodigester for toilet waste is one technology introduced to contribute to these solutions.

A biodigester is a device that uses natural processes to convert human waste and sewage into water and gas.

Bacteria completely break down waste into usable components. This process produces no odor and prevents the release of harmful gases back into the environment.

Cost of constructing a biodigester septic tank in the UK

Cost of constructing a biodigester septic tank in Kenya

How much is a biodigester in the UK? If you are asking yourself this question, you have come to the right place. The current cost of a biodigester installation in Kenya is prohibitive for many people.

  • for 1 to 40 users
  • for 40 to 100 users
  • for 100 to 200 users
  • for 200 to 300 users

It is worth noting that the Cost of a biodigester depends on the number of people in a home, school, rental institution, and its size. Call us to make one for your home, school, rental institution, hospital, hotel, and many more.

Our company has found a way to make these waste management systems affordable. We have already installed many biodigesters for many homeowners, and they love our work.

Our goal? To encourage more families to recycle their kitchen and toilet waste rather than just throwing it away.

How does a biodigester septic tank work?

Biodigesters aren’t something you see every day. Even if you do, you might not understand how they work. That’s why we’ve created this in-depth guide to biodigesters; from the basics of how they work – to how they can help your community.

Read our complete beginner’s guide to biodigester systems to learn about them, how they work, who can benefit from them, and more.

Waste materials are then broken down by anaerobic bacteria, producing water,sludge and biogas which can be used for cooking or powering on-site electricity generators.

One of the most effective ways to help Kenyans develop a sustainable environment is by installing a biodigester. It’s all about providing them with a cheaper and easier way to treat their organic waste.

Biodigester VS a Septic Tank

As anyone who’s spent a fortune on a septic tank can tell you, your waste has to be flushed into an underground tank. This is annoying. It means you can’t flush whenever you want to.

And even worse, that waste isn’t disappearing, it’s still sitting there in that underground tank somewhere — or at least the odors from it are. It could start to stink or get filled quickly if water gets into it especially when its rainy season.

Disadvantages of regular Septic Tanks

What are the cons of a septic tank? Septic tanks are bulky, and expensive to install. They cannot be moved or properly cleaned and disinfected at all times when needed.

Require a lot of Space

They also require lots of space to construct and need regular maintenance to prevent the void from becoming clogged with solid waste.

Also, poorly designed septic tanks can be leaky, overflowing into the environment, which can even involve groundwater contamination. This can lead to illness and other environmental risks.

Bad odor of Regular Septic Tanks

Tired of odor emanating from the septic tank, which has been polluting your compound and surroundings? Do you rent your house to tenants but often get issues with them when they complain about the bad odour from the septic tank?

Are you forced to access very expensive cleaning services in order to mitigate the harm it is causing to your compound and property? The solution is Biodigester installation in Nairobi, Kenya from us. Biodigesters are odorless hence you will not have this problem when you install one.

Our team will be happy to provide you with all the info you’ll ever need – or just show up on your doorstep with your very own Biodigester.

Not Easy to Set up one

Even if it can hold larger amounts of waste, a septic tank installation has to be done on the ground. It’s installation may not be possible for many homes.

Septic tanks are not easy to set up. The tank itself takes up space in the garden and should be buried separately. Pipes connecting the tank to a drain leading to the sewage system must pass through concrete floors or walls first.

It is better to use advanced biological technology because it is more eco-friendly. The installation process is superior as well. They are housed above ground, so spaces can be transformed into gardens afterward, increasing the value of your home.

The Biodigester eliminates every disadvantage of implementing a biodigester for treating household and agricultural wastes.

It’s your best bet to treat your waste properly for an investment that easily pays for itself because of its efficiency and reliability as compared to septic tanks.

Why is a Biodigester better than a Septic Tank for Waste Management in a Home?

a biodigester septic tank

Now you can flush anything you want to in your toilet! Gone are the days of having to worry about smells coming from your waste. You can just throw it all in there and flush. This also means that you don’t have to walk to the outside toilets in the middle of the night!

The Biodigester is an eco-friendly product that transforms human waste into clean water, where it can be used to nourish plants. And we’ve made it simple enough for you to install in your own home.

It combines a sustainable solution with everyday technology to do away with human waste. It is the only natural way to get rid of human waste safely.

Go Green

Want to go green? Eliminate monthly septic tank service costs by installing a Biodigester. It’s easy, gourmet, and never has to be cleaned.

Also, this sytem can be used in animal farms, greenhouses, and even your own garbage bin at home. Doing this reduces the amount of trash your household produces.

Benefits of Biodigester for domestic and commercial waste management

  • It can be installed on all types of soils
  • It is odorless
  • It can constructed in homes, schools, commercial buildings, hotels and rental institutions
  • You will never need an exhauster since all waste is completely broken down by bacteria to water, gas and sludge which you can use as fertilizer.
  • It occupies less space
  • It traps grease
  • It is affordable compared to installing a regular septic tank

When you think of farming and food, smells spring to mind at the best of times. But in Kenya, where sanitation is poor at best, the stench from septic tanks and pit latrines pervades every restaurant, butcher’s shop and home.

Get a biodigester septic tank; it is a much cleaner way to deal with human faeces. And we’re not talking about a standard septic tank here, but a biodigester.

It is a good solution for managing sewage and Human Waste in Slums of Kenya

Farmers and residents of Nairobi’s Mathare slum have long been plagued by the awful smell of their sewage. The slum sits just below Emayat market, a popular shopping area visited by both affluent and poor residents.

To reduce the foul smell in the soil and to have fewer flies around houses and markets, a new system has been introduced. The solution is to build biodigestors for pit latrines where human waste is broken down by naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria.

Can last upto 20 years

An eco-biodigester is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly alternative to septic tanks. It does not leak and can provide up to 20 years of service. It is easily maintained and bypasses much of the trouble that comes with septic tanks.

Offers a proper way of managing Human Waste

Over 30% of urban households do not have access to proper water sanitation services or a proper sewerage system. In this case, you will need to install a biodigester.

Biodigesters for managing wastewater are either installed in above-ground tanks or underground pits and tanks and will surely solve this problem

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