Best Home Cleaning Service in Nairobi, Kenya -Will Leave your Home Looking Spotless Clean

With the busy schedules that we lead in the city, it is not always possible to find time to clean our houses. This is why many people prefer hiring cleaning companies instead of doing it themselves. Contact us to professionally clean your home. We will arrive on time and make sure to leave your home … Read more

Cleaning House Guide-Tips That Will Leave Your Place Looking Sparkling Clean

Keeping your home clean is difficult, especially when you have a full-time job and a family. But there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your place looking sparkling, like investing in the best home cleaning robot like this to do all the work for you or cleaning when you have time. … Read more

10 Tips to Help You Find the Best Deals On Living Room Furniture

Your living room is the central gathering place in your home. It’s where you relax, watch TV, and entertains guests. The furniture you choose for your living room should be comfortable and reflect your style. Living room furniture can get expensive, but there are many ways to save on their purchases. These 10 tips will … Read more

Septic Tank Construction in Kenya-Top Contractor in Kenya 0714195554

Septic tanks are one of the most essential systems in a home. They help in disposing of household and toilet waste in a hygienic way. To learn more about them, read this Septic tank construction in Kenya guide. What is a Septic Tank? A septic system is basically a small treatment plant located near the … Read more

What is a Biodigester Septic Tank?

a biodigester septic tank kenya

A biodigester is simply a tank that provides a means for the anaerobic digestion of organic material. Organic wastes such as human excreta (solid waste) and animal dung (liquid waste) or other organic wastes can be converted to pathogen-free sludge that can be used as manure. It is a watertight chamber It is a watertight … Read more

Which is better, a blender or food processor? – Food processor vs blender

foods of food processor and blender

While blenders and food processors have a lot in common, these home kitchen tools serve distinct functions. A blender is generally better for liquids such as smoothies, protein shakes and milkshakes while a food processor is used for more labor-intensive tasks that include kneading dough and chopping vegetables. Some blenders are so powerful that they … Read more

A Complete Jointer Buying Guide

Rikon jointer

A jointer is a must-have for every woodworking home shop. It offers such a wide variety of uses and it’s a great investment. This jointer buying guide will help you make an informed choice. Also, this guide is about choosing the right jointer for your woodworking projects. It’s written by a woodworker for woodworkers, so … Read more