Biodigester Prices in Nairobi, Kenya- Providing Affordable Prices

Biodigester Prices in Nairobi, Kenya

Are you trying to find Biodigester Prices in Nairobi, Kenya? A biodigester price starts from Ksh. 80,000 for small ones. This will depend on their sizes, users, and specifications. Our prices are affordable compared to most biodigester construction companies in Kenya that charge 100,000 and upwards for a small unit. For more information about … Read more

Vacmaster vp112s Vacuum Sealer- Best food vacuum sealer

Vacmaster Vacuum Sealing Machine

Make your food last longer with the best food vacuum sealer, Vacmaster vp112s vacuum Sealer. It is a must-have home kitchen machine for preserving food until you are ready to eat it. It is also perfect for people who love buying food such as meat and vegetables in bulk for freezing. Vacmaster vp112s chamber vacuum sealer … Read more

Biodigester Installation in Kenya-Everything you need to know about Bio digesters

If you are tired of regularly pumping out your septic tank, you need a biodigester installed in your home, school, hotel, and commercial places such as shops, and malls, just to name a few. With a bio digester, no regular pumping out of waste matter since it is completely broken down to a liquid that … Read more